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Buy Expo 2020 Passport to Get Dubai Expo 2020 Passport Benefits

Expo 2020 organizers have recently launched a customizable passport to maintain a record related to your trip while exploring the Expo pavilion. 

Role of Dubai Expo 2020 Passport

If you find Dubai Expo 2020 passport benefits, you as visitors may see large numbers of pavilions during the event of 182 days. The special passport mimics a real passport and it allows you to relive special moments of the Expo Event. 

Features and Contents of the Expo Passport

The latest Expo passport has certain security features on it. These are a space for your passport size photo, a unique number, and your details. The special and customized passport for the Dubai Expo event also has hidden watermarked images on each of its pages.

Furthermore, the new Dubai Expo 2020 has linked the past of the UAE with its present. Accordingly, the passport highlights the Golden Jubilee Year of the UAE with its stamp in golden foil and on a special page. Besides, the passport has the photo of the Founding Father of the UAE captured during 1971. During this time, Dubai and other cities of the Emirates celebrated the birth of their new nation. 

Expo Passport Booklet has Thematic Pavilions 

If you check Dubai Expo 2020 Passport benefits, you will likely know that the booklet contains 50 pages, which has many pictures and designs of three different Thematic Pavilions. These are The Opportunity Pavilion, which implies Mission Impossible

The Mobility Pavilion or the Alif

The Sustainability Pavilion or the Terra

Along with that, the passport booklet has Al Wasl Plaza, which is one of the crown jewels of the Expo 2020 site. If this is not enough, you will find Burj Khalifa’s image, the iconic skyline, and other landmarks of Dubai City. 

Resources to Get Expo 2020 Passport

If you want to get Dubai Expo 2020 Passport benefits, you have to get the passport by paying only AED 20. Luckily, you may purchase it from-

  • Each of the official stores of Expo 2020
  • Dubai Expo store at Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport
  • Online store of Dubai Expo 2020
  • What Includes in Dubai Expo 2020 Passport Benefits

According to the latest updates related to Dubai Expo 2020 Passport Benefits, organizers of Expo 2020 in Dubai have officially teamed up with the giant shopping platform of Amazon. Indeed, attendees of the event will have varieties of buying options. These are plush toys, souvenirs, stationeries, apparel, beauty products, and cutlery pieces. 

Gifts at Expo 2020

dubai expo 2020 passport

One of the popular items to buy while attending the Expo event is handmade soap. The soap has obtained inspiration from Expo 2020 in Dubai and it has a combination of honey and camel milk. Besides, event organizers have created essential oils and mandarin for the event. 


Commemorative coins or collections are one of the exclusive souvenirs of the event. These coins consist of fine gold and feature ornate ring designs. Here, the design has obtained inspiration from an archaeological site of 4000 years old found in the UAE desert. Indeed, the coin will highlight the deep roots and rich heritage of the entire nation.

One side of this unique coin has the logo of Expo 2020 and the other one highlights the emblem of the UAE. Dubai Expo Passport Benefits related updates highlighted that one can purchase the commemorative gold coin without any installment from their selected banks for one year. If this is not enough, you may purchase a few other coins available at different prices. 

Plush Toys 

Toys have always remained one of the best gift items to give to children. Simultaneously, toys bring a big smile on everyone’s face. Hence, with Expo 2020, you may get a variety of plush toys or key chains based on mascots to give your children. Other than that, you will get wooden toys and trendy games with an Expo theme available on offer. 

Foods and Beverages 

Do you want to enjoy a hot beverage on a tedious day? You must have ground Arabic coffee, made locally with 100 per cent local ingredients. What would be better than tasting the essence of the city while availing of Dubai Expo 2020 Passport benefits? 

Fashion with Recycled Products 

Another aspect of a Dubai Expo passport is that it lets you buy fashionable outfits by helping the earth. The reason is that outfit designers have lined-up Expo 2020 apparel by using recycled items. Hence, whether you buy activewear or casual T-shirts for men, women, or kids, you contribute to sustainability. For instance, you get many trendy t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. Therefore, Dubai Expo has created a win-win situation for its attendees. 

Varieties of Stationery Items 

Lastly, you will get varieties of stationery items as special Expo 2020 products. These are paper clips, notebooks, postcards, and stickers. 

Therefore, if you want to explore the attractions of Expo 2020 and buy exclusive items, just get the special Expo passport today.


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