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The Poem Pavilion- Masterpiece of Dubai Expo 2020

Be a part of the World’s biggest Expo with Poem Pavilion and experience some really amazing architecture and cultural diversity of 192 participating countries and much more.

This year the world’s biggest Expo is held at Dubai and everyone is willing to be a part of it. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be a part of the Dubai Expo 2020 when visiting it is like exploring 192 countries and their cultural diversity. The best feature about this year’s expo is that every participating country has a different pavilion of their own.

Although each pavilion has a different and unique feature and design, we would like to discuss here one of the most uniquely crafted pavilions; that is a huge conical pavilion that spells out poetries out of your contribution made at Dubai Expo 2020. This giant pavilion belongs to “Great Britain” and is named as “The Poem Pavilion”. The world is watching it as one of the most amazing architectures of Dubai Expo 2020 but it took a lot of time, patience and hard work to build this masterpiece. Let’s find out how it started.

The idea behind unique structure Of Poem Pavilion

It was announced three years back that Es Devlin will be designing the UK’s pavilion for Expo 2020. This is the very first time in the history of UK pavilion that it is being designed by a woman, since the beginning of the event in 1851. It took almost three years to complete the entire structure and it was launched on 1 Oct. 2021.

The design of the pavilion is inspired by one of the final projects of Stephen Hawking which was named as “Breakthrough message”. Stephen William Hawking was a well-known English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. He was also the director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge during his last years.

Devlin’s idea behind this type of architecture was to express Great Britain as a melting cultural pot that collects visitors from different countries. This large conical pavilion is the centre of attraction for the visitors. It is expected that around 25 million visitors will be passing across this pavilion during the six months of the expo.

How does it work?

Each visitor is allowed to speak a word at the “mouthpiece’ of the pavilion and get engrossed in the heart of the pavilion which has a façade with numerous words written in English and Arabic. The words written are illuminated so people a bit far off also can see the words and poetries. This huge timber structure is backed up by artificial intelligence (AI) which collects the words and recites the poetry which is seen illuminating at the 20 meters tall façade.

Poem Pavilion- The result of international collaboration

Poem Pavilion

Poem Pavilion
Poem Pavilion

The poem pavilion has been constructed for expressing the cultural meetings of various countries participating in the Dubai Expo 2020. The entire structure is a result of the collaboration of different architects, engineers, designers and technicians. The building is a result of production by Dubai and London based company “Avantgarde” which collaborated with structural engineers, executives, architects and sustainability engineers to deliver the whole design.

The idea of choosing cross-laminated timber in place of concrete and steel was to maintain sustainability throughout. The timber has been imported from the European forests of Italy and Austria and is chosen as the prime material for the construction of the Poem Pavilion .

The timber blocks are crafted around LED tiles, which are manufactured in China, engineered in Belgium and assembled in by the local team members of UK and UAE. The poetry generating algorithm is developed by talented technologists from California.

So overall it would be a great experience to watch this Poem Pavilion and experience a never before experience watching it.


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