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How Adventure Lovers Can Enjoy Dubai Trip in Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 is like a celebration for a large number of tourists across the globe. The festival lets individuals involve in plenty of adventurous activities as well. Here, we have discussed a few activities, which you may not only enjoy in-festival activities but also activities in nearby areas. 

Head to the High Garden Platform 

Dubai city is organizing Dubai Expo 2020 in a huge area of approximately 1080 acres. Indeed, capturing a complete photo of the event is a tricky task. Hence, you have to head to the high Garden platform. As the name highlights, the platform is 55 meters in height and gives a panoramic view of the entire site. Besides, the garden lets you inhale fresh air. 

Participate in a Running Program

Dubai Expo 2020
Event not only promotes caring for the planet and its sustainability but also good health. Hence, attendees must bring their running gear and take part in a running program organized during the Dubai Expo 2020 Event. Here, you will get a chance to compete with various other runners from 192 different countries. 

Ride an Electric Bicycle 

Do you love bicycle riding? Just get yellow electric bikes parked across the site of Dubai Expo 2020. The best thing is that bike riding allows you to explore many places and get across the venue faster. 

The Emirates Pavillion

The event organizers have called the Emirates Pavillion the Future of Aviation. A three-story pavilion is a must-visited place for everyone. You may copy for aviation merch and design your aircraft. 

SpaceX Falcon Rocket 

While entering the USA pavilion, you will view SpaceX Falcon Rocket I.e. a real-life rocket. It is identical to a space laboratory, where you may view the US Mars Rover and authentic moon rocks. 

Experience a Private Yacht Charter 

If you want to get a memorable adventure in Dubai, you must go for a private yacht charter and cruise on the blue waters. While chartering, you may even enjoy your favourite champagne on the cruise deck and watch many Dubai highlights pass by to live your life to the fullest.

Dubai Expo 2020
Dubai Expo 2020

 Exciting Activities at the Dubai Mall

After this, you may head to the famous Dubai Mall to view the largest ice rinks in the world. Here, you will learn a few private lessons and attend freestyle sessions on skating. Alternatively, if you do not like skating, you may simply hit the Ski Dubai slopes. The best thing is that you will find a jumping ramp and snow-covered area round the year at this famous mall of the Emirates.

Dubai Mall

 Coastal Highlights from a Speed Boat

Try out a 90-minute speed boat tour to dash over the sea waves and view each of the coastal highlights of Dubai Expo 2020. You will follow a jet across the Palm, get spectacular views of the famous Atlantis and Burj Al-Arab there. Besides, you may find many royal palaces from the sea. Even though speed boat gives you an action-based ride, it also allows you to take the sunset view and other photos of the scenic beauty. 

Scuba Diving at the Sea World

Dubai’s turquoise water has always remained an attraction for tourists from different regions of the world. However, there is hardly any individual, who gets a chance to explore the underwater surface. If you have enough courage, you may try scuba diving to explore life underwater at Sea World. Even if you are a beginner, you may get diving sessions there as well. The warm coastal waters of Dubai have killifish, barracudas, angelfish, and other species of the marine world. Moreover, if your luck favours, you may even spot a few turtles at Dubai Expo 2020


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