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Requirements to Get Dubai Visa to Make Dubai Trip


Dubai is a populous and large city in the United Arab Emirates. It belongs to the southern area of the Persian Gulf. In the recent few years, Dubai has become a fast-growing city of the UAE. Hence, it is one of the preferred tourist destinations for people belonging to different parts of the world. Particularly, many people of India search Dubai jobs for Indians to get lucrative employment opportunities there. However, a few others visit Dubai visa to have leisure time as well. 

How to Get Dubai Visa to Visit

Dubai Visa

If you want to travel to Dubai, you have to get an appropriate Dubai Visa. For this, applicants have to submit their visa application form with each of the essential documents. Simultaneously, candidates have to pay their application fee for a visa at the centre. Once candidates complete each of the essential processes, authorities will process their visa applications. 

Eligibility Criteria to Get Visa to Travel to Dubai

Whether you want to attend a popular event of Dubai Expo 2020 or simply to attend your client meeting, you have to fulfil eligibility criteria to get a Dubai Visa to travel to Dubai. These criteria include the following-

Travel Records

Applicants must have travelled once to other countries during the last 5 years period. These are Schengen countries, USA, UK, Australia, European Union, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, and many other countries. Moreover, candidates must have a valid tourist or business Dubai Visa for the respective countries and any evidence related to travel records of the last 5 years to the UAE may apply. 

Financial Records 

If you fail to qualify the requirements related to travel records, you may qualify for the financial records. Only, you have to show your details related to Income Tax Returns of the last two years. Furthermore, you have to show your employment or business minimum gross income, which should not go beyond Rs. 2 lakhs. Applicants may even submit proof related to their investments worth a minimum of Rs. 5 lakhs in the post office or bank fixed deposits. 

Immediate Family Member Invitation 

This rule is applicable for children below 21 years, spouses, and parents or grandparents above 60 years. Accordingly, if any of your immediate family members reside in the UAE, he or she may invite you to stay or enjoy your tour in Dubai.

Newly Married Couple

If your spouse’s name is absent on the passport, parents and family members have to provide a NOC I.e. No Objection Certificate, a notarized affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs 100, or a marriage certificate. Moreover, your parents have to provide a wedding card, your marriage photo with your spouse, a valid photo ID proof. 

Tourist Visa in Dubai 

Do you have an interest in attending the Festival Shopping in Dubai? You must get a Dubai tourist visa. You may easily get a tourist visa if you are a tourist and meet the eligibility criteria. However, if you are less than 18 years old, you can not apply for a tourist Dubai Visa until you travel with your parents. Depending on your plan to stay in Dubai, you may get tourist visas for 30 days or 90 days and also single or multiple entries.

Besides, you may get a five years visa. It will let you enter many times in Dubai on the sponsorship of your own. According to this offer, you may stay in Dubai for 90 days on your single visit and may extend your visit for further 90 days.

Visit Visa in Dubai

Other than that, we know that Dubai is home to the famous Dubai Mall and other famous shopping malls. Indeed, the city is one of the preferred places to involve in business activities. Hence, if you want to make a business trip to Dubai to attend International meetings, seminars or conferences, we recommend you get Dubai visit visa instead of a simple tourist visa. 

Business Visa 

Dubai Business Visa

Business Dubai Visa is available for global entrepreneurs in Dubai. It is an essential part of the entire Golden Visa system, where foreigners and their dependents may obtain long-term visas.


Whether it is Burj Khalifa, one of the iconic buildings of the world, or anything else, Dubai has gained its name for its improved quality of life and extravagant lifestyle. The city is also a prime business hub of the entire Middle East area. If you want to visit Dubai, just get the most suitable Dubai Visa today. 


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