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Dubai Expo 2020 will End with Live Music Concerts and Stunning Fireworks

The curtain of 3-months long Dubai Expo 2020 event will come down tomorrow to mark its closing ceremony. Everyone is now gazing at the future of Al Wasl Plaza and its magical projector dome. Global music icons named Yo-Yo Ma, Norah Jones, and Christina Aguilera are also fully ready to sprinkle stardust on the stage already set for closing ceremony celebrations. 

Moreover, authorities of the Dubai Expo 2020 Event set more than 20 giant screens across the entire site of the event. These include screens at the main stages, country pavilions, and the famous Festival Garden, all of which will allow the public to be a part of the magic. The celebration will go on even during the night hours. Hence, you will find full headline concerts from each famous artist across the famous Millennium Amphitheatre of Dubai and Jubilee Stage of the Expo Event.

The Celebration will Kick off at 7 pm 

The celebration tomorrow evening will kick off at 7 pm. The young girl of Emirates (the same one from the opening ceremony) will take the Dubai Expo 2020 attendees on the compelling journey of the closing ceremony. The Emirati girl has fulfilled her responsibility to coordinate with the organizers, special guests, and celebrities. During this period, she learned a lot and connected with worldwide people. Right now, she reaches her full potential to give a warm welcome to the audience on the last day of the ceremony to make it memorable. 

The Audience has Focused on Next-Generation People 

The audience below the awe-inspiring dome of Al Wasl focuses on the people of the next generation. Expo exclusively invites more than hundreds of children from different areas of the UAE to view the countrywide wonders. The country is looking to its upcoming 50 years by celebrating the Golden Jubilee during Dubai Expo 2020

Concerts from Renowned Singers-the Prime Attraction at the Millennium Amphitheatre

  • During the later hours, the award-winning cellist of Germany Yo-Yo-Ma will play a concert at the Millennium Amphitheatre of Dubai.
  • Moreover, from about 8:45 pm, the celebrated Grammy-winning singer, pianist, and songwriter named Norah Jones will entertain Expo visitors with her music concert on the Jubilee Stage.
  • Other than that, Christina Aguilera, a pop legend will present her extended performance on the same Jubilee Stage.

The cast of the Dubai Expo closing ceremony involves approximately 400 professionals and volunteers belonging to 56 different countries. Show organizers have created 745 costumes to culminate the event of Expo 2020.

World String Ensemble at Expo’s Closing Ceremony

The stage on the last day of Dubai Expo 2020 will have the World String Ensemble, where a group of approximately 16 talented international musicians headed by a talented piano player from Italy named Eleonora Constantini and the music maestro named Harout Fazlian will entice the audience at the Opportunity Pavilion.

The celebrations will go on for the whole night and involves many jaw-dropping displays of fireworks at midnight, which will continue up to 3 am. Therefore, March 31 2020 will be the busiest day at Dubai Expo 2020. Hence, we will advise visitors to arrive early as possible to be part of site-wide activities and entertainment.


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