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Top Performances to See in the Last Week of Dubai Expo 2020

We have already entered the last few days of Dubai Expo 2020. During this period, we had many performance programs at the world fair of the Middle East to draw big crowds. In this blog post, you will know a few stage shows organized or scheduled to organize in the last week of Dubai Expo 2020. 

Top Performances in the Last Week of Dubai Expo 2020

Tikoubaoine Band 

Tikoubaoine Band recently performed at the Jubilee Stage of Expo 2020. The acclaimed group has gained loyalty across the region of Europe with its unique combination of worldwide music. The band indulged as rockers of Algeria in Monday Blues. An interesting aspect is that it combined the Blues with rock and roll as well as Algerian music. 


Googoosh worked as both singer and a female actor for about 60 years. She gained her name as the Mariah Carey of the Arabian world. She also has gained popularity as the Voice of Iran. The singer took to serenade crowds at the Jubilee Stage of Dubai Expo 2020. During her performance, she sang her biggest hits and won the heart of her fans.  

Saed Abu Tayeh 

Saed Abu Tayeh performed at Jordan Pavillion for its closing party. He played a traditional band and the playlist consisted of Levant classics and folk songs. The unique show highlighted a glimpse of Jordanian culture with many songs passed down through several generations. 

Symphonic Concert Show of Havasi 

Havasi is a Hungarian piano player and a composer. He was a popular face at Dubai Expo 2020. He already did 20 million shows at the Expo Center of Shanghai. Havasi gained his name and fame for combining rock and classical music with blinding light shows. 

Pop Genius NOËP Performance

Pop Genius NOËP performed at Dubai Expo 2020 to mark the celebration of Estonian National Day. He performed a few of its favourite music collections, such as Differences and Head out of the Water in the Expo set. Andres Kopper is the real name of NOËP, who delivered the biggest act in Estonia. Within a small period only, Andres gained approximately 7 million hits on Spotify on his single debut movie. 

100 Cellos by Giovanni Sollima

Dubai Expo 2020 has recently organized the live performance of 100 cellos by Giovanni Sollima to create a spine-tingling sensation among the event visitors. The combination of pop hits and classical music standards entertained the public during the last few days of the Expo event. Led by the cellist and conductor Giovanni Sollima, 100 Cellos have remained a center of attraction for audiences of Asia, Europe, and other areas of the world. 

African Sounds at Expo 2020

Musicians from Africa have used a few authentic instruments of the continent to bring the unique African sounds to life. The combination of the balafon, kora, and gourd-resonated xylophone has presented the entire series of South African sounds with full energy. 

The Apostles and Apo 

The last performance of Dubai Expo 2020 is an outstanding performance by The Apostles and Apo. Recognized as leading contemporary bands of the Middle East, they boasted an electric sound to fuse dance, blues, soul, rock, and pop. With so many combinations, you will expect to experience an unforgettable show. 


Dance and music fans have experienced and are continuing to enjoy a line-up of events combined with live shows before the closing of the Expo 2020 Ceremony.


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