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What are the prices of iPhone 12 and its Variants in Dubai?

Let’s discuss the details of the iPhone 12 price in Dubai and its variants!

Apple products are unusual and host the biggest tech show for their launches each year. For example, the iPhone 12 was launched in 2021 October through a virtual event to ensure that everyone was safe through the pandemic time. The live stream service occurred from the Apple Part at Cupertino.

Apple introduced four variants for their 12 series – iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro MX, and iPhone 12 Mini. Each device has 5G connectivity, and users can toggle between 4G and 5G depending on the coverage at their respective locations.

The iPhone 12 price in Dubai is affordable compared with other launches across the globe. As there are four variants available, Apple priced them individually and at an affordable price to increase their market share in UAE.

Apple iPhone 12 price in Dubai

The base variant of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 12, starts at AED 2,999. The cost of the iPhone 12 is minimal and affordable when compared with the same product elsewhere. What makes the pricing attractive is the tax benefit provided by the government. Due to this, many people are interested in purchasing the iPhone, which often offers higher comfort and use, especially for the business class. In addition, the security level, frequent updates, and customer support make iPhone 12 the best choice.

iPhone 12 price in Dubai

The iPhone 12 price in Dubai for different iterations are as follows:

  • iPhone 12 64GB – AED 3,399
  • iPhone 12 128GB – AED 3,609
  • iPhone 12 256GB – AED 4,029

What makes the iPhone 12 a good smartphone is the innovation that Apple adds each year. The mobile phone hosts the A14 Bionic processor with increased battery life and performance. The new variant has four times better drop performance than its predecessor, and the wide and ultra-wide cameras with Night Mode make a promising improvement. Likewise, the iOS 14 comes packed with new features and enhanced improvements that make it easy to handle any task or multiple tasks quickly.

The iPhone 12 Pro price in Dubai

The price of iPhone 12 Pro price in Dubai starts at AED 4,199 and ends at AED 5,469 for the 512GB variant. This is because apple priced the phones according to the internal storage capacity. Therefore, depending on the use, people can pick the appropriate model and pay the respective price. For instance, a 256GB Gold color variant costs AED 4,619, and a 512GB Gold color iPhone costs AED 5,469.

iPhone 12 Pro price in Dubai

The increase in the screen size, new processor, new operating system, and 5G connectivity increased the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro. The other features include Ceramic Shield, IP68 water resistance, and surgical-grade SS material.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Dubai

The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Dubai starts at AED 4,699 and reaches AED 5,969 for the top variant. The pricing variation of the iPhone 12 Pro MAX is similar to iPhone 12 Pro. However, depending on the storage capacity, the iPhone 12 Pro Max price changes. For instance, the 512GB Graphite color variant costs AED 5,969, while the 128GB Graphite color version costs AED 4,699.

iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Dubai

The iPhone 12 Pro Max hosts a screen size of 6.7 inches with the Retina XDR display. In addition, apple embedded the 5G to ensure that users browse and use the Internet at blazing faster speeds in terms of connectivity. The other incredible features include surgical-grade SS material, IP 68 water-resistant certification, and ceramic shield.

iPhone 12 Mini price in Dubai

Apple’s strategy to bring on board several users has paid off with the introduction of the iPhone Mini series. The iPhone 12 Mini price in Dubai starts at AED 2,999 and ends at AED 3,629. The 256GB variant is the top model and is the most expensive model in the Mini series.

The smaller screen size and 5G connectivity make the phone a handy one. Therefore, users will experience all the powerful options of the traditional iPhone 12 on a smaller scale. Likewise, Apple designed the product to be simple while holding, lightweight, and sturdy. The Retina XDR display is the primary addition, which is unavailable on any other small phone.


If you love Apple and its products, it is the right time to purchase iPhone 12 in Dubai. Given the reduced cost of the phones (different variants and versions), selecting the appropriate model is necessary. The iPhone 12 price in Dubai is cost-effective compared with other countries, and if you are on a trip to Dubai or reside in Dubai city, then purchasing one from an authorized dealer would make you happy.


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