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Dubai Golden Visa – Latest Changes Can Attract More Immigrants, Talent & Investment

Getting the Dubai golden visa can be a tough task because the applicant needs to fulfill a variety of important requirements. This is a long-term residence visa that allows foreign talents to live, study & work in the UAE while getting exclusive advantages.

Entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, graduates, & outstanding students, frontline heroes & humanitarian heroes are qualified for the Golden visa. Recently, the Government introduced new changes to the golden visa, and they are trying to make the new visa more family-friendly; therefore, they are making it a little bit easier for the candidates who are seeing their future in Dubai.

The popularity of the UAE Golden Visa program is at its peak. This specific program was created two years ago that was really an instant hit, especially among the Indian applicants who want to run or set up a new business in Dubai.

The latest changes are continually making it a little bit more promising and attractive to allow lots of people to achieve their dream in the UAE. They will be able to enjoy one of the best quality of life in Dubai. However, Government has introduced lots of important changes that are already affecting professionals, entrepreneurs & investors. Therefore, if you are also interested to know the latest changes in the Dubai Golden Visa, then you must read the following important paragraphs carefully.

Dubai Golden Visa

Property Investors Can Get Dubai Golden Visa

  • If you are a property investor, then you can also get Dubai golden visa. They have already reduced the size of the investment in real estate.
  • The Government of Dubai has already been reducing the size of investment to AED 2 million (almost. Rs 4.2 crore). They have reduced the size of investment from 5 million to 2 million.
  • They have also extended the duration of the Dubai Golden visa from 5 years to 10 years.
  • The biggest advantage of this visa is that the investor will no required to visit Dubai every six months. Therefore, it is going to be great news for the property investors.
  •  The best thing about Dubai golden visa is that the family members will be able to stay in Dubai in the event of the death of a holder of a Golden visa until the end of the duration of the Golden visa.

Hence, if you are also planning to apply for Dubai golden visa, then you must read the eligibility criteria for Dubai golden visa, so you will get a proper estimate about it.

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Why has Dubai’s golden visa become the best option for start-up entrepreneurs/investors?

Under the latest rules, investors/entrepreneurs will surely be able to get residence for ten years. All they have to do is invest money in the start-up in Dubai. However, if you are already planning to get Dubai golden visa, then there are two important conditions so you can easily get the visa.

First, the start-up must be registered in the category of small & medium enterprises (SME). Applicants shouldn’t have annual revenue of not less than 1 AED million. If you want to get the Dubai Golden visa, then your start-up idea must be approved by a certified and trustworthy business incubator, competent local authorities, or the Ministry of Economy. However, if you are a co-founder or founder of any kind of successful project or start-up business, then you will be able to apply for the Dubai Golden visa.

Apply for the Green Residence for entrepreneurs

Any applicant will surely be able to get the Green Residence visa for a maximum of 5 years; however, they will have to make an investment of AED 500,000 (almost. Rs 1.05 crore) in any kind of established or new visa. In the past, this particular visa was only valid for two years only.

Freelancers or self-employed can also get a Green Residence visa.

Dubai government has introduced the new rules so freelancers & self-employed will surely be able to get the five years Green Residence visa without needing any kind of sponsor from the UAE. If you want to get a green residence visa, then you will have to fulfill certain important requirements. They must have a specialized or bachelor’s degree; however, they will also have to disclose that they have already earned an income of AED 360,000 (almost. RS 75 lakh) in the last two years.

These new changes are continually offering lots of benefits to those who want to apply for a green residence or Dubai Golden visa. The Government of the UAE is continually making the visa more family-friendly; therefore, they are already making it a little bit easier for the candidates to properly plan their long-term future in the UAE.

The age of the kids who are already sponsored has also increased to 25 years from 18 years earlier. There will not be any specific kind of limit for the unmarried daughter. The biggest change in this particular regard is that the death of the primary holder of the visa will not be able to affect the overall status of any other family member who will surely be able to stay in Dubai till the end of the tenure of the visa.

The UAE government has already made the biggest changes is to the related death of the primary visa holder that will never affect the overall status of any other family member who will able to continue to stay in the UAE till the end of the tenure of the visa.

Therefore, the new changes are going to be great, and they will surely make it a little bit easier for the professionals, entrepreneurs & investors who are willing to move to Dubai. Therefore, Government is planning to attract more talent & money as well as boost the overall economy also.

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