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Dubai News-Jarsh Safety Launches AC Safety Helmet in Indian Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020

This week, the Indian Pavilion at Expo 2020 event in Dubai has remained the center of attraction among Dubai tourists. According to Dubai News, Jarsh Safety, a famous safety, and technology startup in Hyderabad has launched the first-ever AC safety helmet in the world. Indeed, the new type of safety helmet has created a drastic revolution during the Dubai Expo Telegana Week.

Jarsh Safety Group launched the AC Safety Helmet in collaboration with NIA Limited of Dubai on November 10. The helmet will work on the technology of solid-state cooling. Moreover, it can cool to a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius. Indeed, the new AC helmet has become a game-changer for outdoor and construction workers, especially in hot areas during summer.

Variants and Specialty of the Latest NIA Limited and Jarsh Safety AC Helmet

Model C

According to the latest Dubai News, Model C is available for machine operators and it boosts operational efficiency. One can connect directly to the low voltage and power source of the machine to achieve unrestricted use.

Model E

Model E is available for executives, architects, and management professionals. These helmets work well during comfortable visits to the field. Moreover, the battery pack of the model gives comfort for 2 hours on only one charge.

Model S

Model S is suitable for skilled engineers and technicians. The helmet boosts workforce productivity and its battery pack has 10hours of comfort on only one charge.

Model W

Model W works well for operators involved in handling welding devices. The model protects the eyes, neck, and face area. The battery pack of the model gives 2hours of comfort on only one charge.

An interesting aspect is that none of the models needs maintenance, as they get power from rechargeable batteries.  The AC Safety Helmets launched during Dubai Expo 2020 will be available in different regions of the UAE and with the help of NIA Limited distribution networks.

Experts’ Comments for the New AC Safety Helmet

According to Jarsh Safety CEO named Kaustab Kaundinya, AC helmets will not only improve the productivity of diverse employees but also assure comfort and safety of users. These helmets are available with a pre-installed rechargeable battery pack as well.

Jarsh Safety Launches AC Safety Helmet

On the other side, the CEO of NIA Limited named Kamran Birjees Khan commented, Our team feels very proud to launch the safety helmet in the UAE. We strongly believe that the new helmet models by Jarsh Safety will be a game-changing comfort and safety gear today. Hence, our experts will thank the award-winning start-up of India to take an initiative towards sustainability and innovation with the AC helmet.

Jarsh Safety Success Story from a Garage Office to an Award-Winning Startup

In the year 2016, Kaustab Kaundinya and his business partners named Anand Kumar, and Sreekanth Kommula experienced discomfort at the time of using safety helmets. Hence, the trio took the initiative to create a prototype of the Jarsh AC Helmet. Later, they realized the potential of an AC Safety Helmet to improve the condition of low-level employees. Hence, they set up a start-up manufacturing unit and increase the production of helmets rapidly.   

Kaustab from Jarsh Safety further commented, “We started our journey as a helmet manufacturer from a small garage office. During the years, we provided AC safety helmets to more than thousands of workers in different areas of India. Now, the Jarsh Safety team is planning to go global. We have a strong belief that our collaboration with NIA Limited will alleviate the working condition of employees in different regions of the world.” Therefore, the launch of the AC Safety Helmet is an essential part of the initiative by the Innovation Hub of India launched by the Pavilion of India at Expo 2020.


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