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Dubai Amazon Tour- Related Book Highlights the Best Beaches of Dubai

The Middle East of Dubai is not only a luxury travel destination but is also home to fine sand and snowy white beaches. These beaches belong to aqua blue and warm Arabic or the Persian Gulf. Because of this, Dubai has become an ultimate beach resort destination as well.

If you love to explore beaches, you must plan your tour to Dubai City. Book readers may buy Dubai Amazon tour-related books online to stay aware of the aspects of sea beaches there.  

JBR Open Beach

Jumeriah Beach Residence Open Beach is the biggest and the best beach in Dubai. It extends the huge length of the area of JBR. Even though a few of its parts have space for hotels, most of them are wide open. At every few hundred yards, you will find full facilities with a clean area and various places to buy varieties of food items and snacks.

Jumeriah Beach Residence Open Beach

The area has fluffy white and powdery soft sand and the water is in stunning blue-green colour. Besides, you will find on-duty lifeguards and buoys roped off across swimming areas. Hilton Dubai Jumeriah is on the right on the main street called the Walk. It runs along with the beachfront that faces the water. Furthermore, you will find multiple places available for rent of land and water toys, like scooters and bikes.  

Jumeriah Beach Park

Jumeriah Beach Park is a well-planned recreation and beachfront park area close to the downtown of Dubai. As mentioned in the section of Dubai best beaches in Dubai Amazon e-book, the area has terraced green grass levels on its flat desert with multiple areas to play, have a picnic and enjoy your favourite food.  The beach has a relatively less distance between the sidewalk and waterline and is beautiful although narrow in various areas. Also, the beach is close to the famous Dubai Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

Moreover, you will get an area to comprise of palm trees between the regular beach and the sidewalk. The beach and the park are accessible for visitors, who have special needs as well. However, you have to remember that Jumeriah Beach Park allows only women and kids on Monday. Hence, we recommend you arrange your Dubai visit visa accordingly.  

The Palm Jumeriah

Palm Jumeriah

The Palm Jumeriah is an exclusive palm-shaped archipelago development, which projects in the Gulf of Persia. Even though you will find a few public areas across the rocky shoreline, The Palm does not have any public beaches. Instead, the sea beaches belong to the apartment buildings or luxurious residential neighborhoods of various fronds or luxury hotels. Particularly, the beach is close to the famous Atlantis at the Palm of Dubai.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a part of Umm Suqeim Beach and it is across the northern end. As a flat and wide sea beach, it allows you to get paddleboard and kayak rental facilities. The exposed sea beach is windy and gains popularity with many people flying kites and kite surfers. The sand of the beach area is relatively coarse than any other sea beach and has many shells. Besides, you will find a skate park with various small ice cream stalls.

Kite Beach

Excluding adventure lovers, Kite Beach is a frequently visited place for food lovers across the world. The reason is a large number of food trucks assemble here not only during days but also during evening hours. Moreover, many little cafes and restaurants line the famous Jumeriah Beach Road running across the sea beach.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is another luxurious residential area across JBR, which tour lovers have mentioned in the Dubai Amazon book. The beach constitutes the last section of the sandy sea beach across the Walk. It is a flat, wide, and beautiful beach with the typical soft white sand of Dubai. Here, you will find warm water and on-duty lifeguards as well. While going only a few steps, you will find many shops, cafes, and restaurants across the line of The Walk.  

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is approximately half an hour of south downtown in Dubai and is a new recreational development area of the Emirates. The area is famous for the worldwide large human-made harbor and is home to many sandy and long beaches. Other than beaches, Jebel Ali has a popular dive area. The flat and wide area of Jebel Ali Beach is in front of one of the three palm islands of Palm Jebel Ali.

Overall, beaches in Dubai let you get a lasting experience of a lifetime. If you want to get further details of the best Dubai beaches, we suggest you buy a guide to Dubai tour book from Amazon online today. 


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