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Upcoming famous festivals in Europe in Aug 2022

Festivals in Europe have been a tradition for centuries. They are usually held on a particular day of the year and celebrate various things. Some festivals are religious, some are cultural, some are regional, and others have a specific focus.

Attending famous festivals in Europe is expensive. However, they offer people an opportunity to see different cultures and traditions while indulging in the local delicacies. These events also provide entertainment such as music, dance, theater, etc.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the famous festivals in Europe and the world’s largest art festival held annually in August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been around since 1947 when it was established by Peter Florence and Tom Brennan. This year, there are over 1,200 shows on offer to audiences. The Fringe has grown into a global event attracting more than 2 million visitors.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

You can apply to the festival as an artist by filling out the application form online. Likewise, you can buy the tickets online if you are an audience. You can purchase a single ticket for the entire event or a few shows of your interest.

How is France attracting tourists with water jousting?

Water Jousting is one of the famous festivals in Europe and has been in existence since the 16th century. The port Sete in France has been the location for celebrating the event attracting global tourists. In addition, the town hosts several water-jousting events and championships in the canals.

Water Jousting

The events go overdrive during August when the participants and audience enjoy the event equally. The event requires lancers, who stand on a platform on their respective boat stern, to knock each other into the water. The oarsmen propel the boat, and the participants must have endurance, strength, and good eye-hand coordination.

How to involve your family in The La Tomatina Festival?

La Tomatina takes place in Bunol, Spain, and is one of the famous festivals in Europe. People celebrate it each year on the last Wednesday of August, with festivities from midday to midnight. The festival has its origins in a medieval practice called “sarabada.”

La Tomatina Festival

This was when people would throw tomatoes at each other as a punishment. It is believed that this tradition was later picked up by revelers, and the first La Tomatina festival was held in 1948.

Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

The annual Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival, one of the most famous festivals in Europe, starts on August 13th and ends on August 21st. In addition to live music, costumed characters, and family-friendly activities, there are also scarecrow beauty pageants for local artists to compete in and create their own unique take on a traditional scarecrow.

Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

When the festival began in 1978, there were just a few dozen scarecrow entries. Today, the festival attracts tens of thousands of people and more than 5,000 scarecrows each year. It is the most fun-filled event in the fall season. It allows people to get together, dress up, and have a good time. However, knowing what you should or shouldn’t wear when attending these events is essential.

  • No open-toed shoes or sandals
  • No shorts, tank tops, t-shirts with offensive language or pictures on them
  • Recommended attire: dark colors (black, navy blue) and light colors (white)

Electronic dance music – Creamfields

Summer just started, but it’s all about to end. It is hard to keep up with time, which we have seen in the form of the last few weeks. They just flew by, and we’re already looking ahead to a big event next month. It’s time for the UK’s biggest music festival, Creamfields. Creamfields is a fantastic event and among the famous festivals in Europe that celebrate everything great about worldwide music.

Electronic dance music

The first event was in 1985 in Daresbury in Cheshire, England, and is being held annually, with this year as no exception. The party consists of over 100 acts playing across three days, making it one of the biggest and most impressive festivals globally, with an attendance of up to 135,000 people!

So, what makes being there so special? First, you’ll be sharing some good old-fashioned fun with your friends and family! You’ll also be able to listen to some incredible sets each day with a wide range of genres from house & techno all the way through to drum & bass and even more.

This event is a must-go-to this summer if you’re into music, have the funds for it, or want to experience a fantastic festival with your friends, family, and people worldwide!

Reading & Leeds Festival

The Leeds and Reading Festivals are two of the biggest music festivals in the UK. The Leeds Festival was established in 1999, and the Reading Festival has been running since 1971. They are the two famous festivals in Europe with more than 105,000 attendees.

The history of these two festivals is fascinating as they have had many changes over the years, with some festivalgoers even changing their name to reflect the change.

The Leeds Festival, held at Headingly Rugby Stadium and Bramham Park, is an annual music festival held in August. The first event was held in 1999 and, since then, has grown to be one of Europe’s leading music festivals. At this year’s Leeds Festival, some of the top acts you should see are Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and Dua Lipa.

Why should you attend the Sziget Festival in Budapest?

Sziget Festival is a major cultural event in Hungary and also the largest and one of the most famous festivals in Europe. Sziget Festival is a major cultural event every year on the island of Óbuda in Budapest. The first edition of Sziget took place on August 27th, 1993, and it has been held annually since then.

Sziget Festival is a place where you can see and experience something new without traveling too far. It is the place to be with your friends and family, enjoy yourself as you want, and meet new people.

Attending Sziget Festival in Budapest can help you get a taste of European culture while being surrounded by nature. It also allows you to explore the city that never sleeps with its nightlife, restaurants, clubs, and bars.


As you have learned about the famous festivals in Europe for the coming August, prepare for a musical vacation! Take a break from the routine and skip to these events with family and friends to unwind, energize, and enjoy. Make reservations at the best hotels and book tickets to these events at the earliest!


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