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New Zealand Student Visa Guide – Complete Application Process, Qualification & Fees Structure!

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries where initiative, independence & resourcefulness are always more highly regarded than rules or status.

If you want to initiate the application for a student visa, then you are required to plan your study, and you will also work out more properly how you will be able to support yourself in the NZ & also pay attention to the requirements of the documents that are required to give with your application.

Before applying for New Zealand Student Visa, you must pay attention to the following important requirements.

Make The Wise Study & Travelling Related Plans Before You Apply for New Zealand Student Visa

If you want to qualify for the study visa, then you will need the following things-

  • Before applying for the student visa, you need to also be got confirmation for a course at a reputed Government approved education Institution.
  • You will also give the tuition fees, or in case you are getting the fee through the scholarship, then you also want to show the proof for it.
  • Student requires to show that they have enough money to live on while they are already in NZ.
  •  You will also have to buy a ticket out of the NZ or any proof that discloses that you have sufficient funds to purchase one.

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Choose Right Course

Make sure that you are finding the perfect program the study which suits you.

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Make sure that you are searching for the primary, intermediate & secondary schools that are continually teaching the international students.

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In case you are one who is already applying for the specific Pathway Student Visa, then you will have to study with the right Pathway Education Provider.

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Study Fees

The majority of the students who are coming to the NZ to study, they will have to pay the complete fees as international students.

Domestic students

New Zealand Student Visa

In case you are already qualified as a domestic student, then you will have to pay the less fees if we are comparing with the international student, but still, you require a student visa.

If you want to know whether you are a domestic student or not, then you must read the following guidelines carefully.

  • If you are doing study at any primary or secondary school that is already approved under the Government exchange program.
  • In case you are already studying at any primary or secondary school in NZ because your legal guardian or parent is already here on the work visa or student visa.
  • In case you are doing the Ph.D.

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Living Expenses

If you are one who wants to support yourself when you are doing study in the NZ, then the candidate will have to show that you have already one of the following things-

  • You will have to show $15000 NZD for the first year of the study.
  • Students require NZD$`150 for every month in case your program of study is less than 36 months.
  • If you have applied for a scholarship like as New Zealand Aid Programme Scholarship, then you need to show the proof.
  • If a family member or sponsor is already agreed to accept overall financial responsibility for you when you are already in NZ, then you must show the proof.

Health Insurance

In case you are already a fee-paying student, then you will also require travel insurance & approved medical. All you need to do is make contact with a certified and trustworthy provider so you will get the proper assistance regarding arranging the medical & travel insurance.

Younger Students or Students Aged 9

If any younger students who are already nine or younger, then they will have to fulfill the following important requirements-

  • You will have to live in the school hostel that is already approved by the NZQA.
  • You have the legal guardian or parent living with them.
Documents You Need To Give With Your Application

Every student will have to give the following documents to get a New Zealand Student visa.

  • Make sure that you are giving the color picture of your shoulders & head – or two if you are applying for the visa through the printed form.
  • Every student will need to submit a passport that is valid for a minimum of three months after the day you are planning to leave the NZ.
Other crucial documents

Just in case you have already been offered the place on the course of the study, then the institution you will study at provides the document confirming the place/ If you are applying for the New Zealand Student visa, then the student will need to submit the following important documents.

  • Police Certificates
  • Medical Certificates
  • Translations of any specific documents not in the English
  • It is really crucial for every single aspirant to disclose the proof of INR 8,00,000 approx for a year if you really want to stay in New Zealand.
Application Fees, Where To Apply & Decision Time

If you are one who is submitting their student visa application for the New Zealand Student visa online, then you will require to pay the visa fee of NZD $330 along with 747 INR, which is the receiving center fee. Just in case you are applying for the visa through the post, then you will have to pay $330 + 955 INR as receiving center fees. Bear in mind that handling the charge totally depends on the Visa Center only. Every Applicant should check the official website before applying for the New Zealand Student Visa.

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