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Various Roles of Dubai King for The City


Are you interested to know about the Dubai king? It’s where rich people prefer to stay and live a grand plan. Many people dream of visiting Dubai at least once. Isn’t it? But imagine about the king of Dubai.

Here side you will get to know about details of present Dubai king. How did he reach this post? What are the roles that he needs to play? You will get all such answers in this controversy.

Who is the present king of Dubai? 

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Ali Maktoum recognizes as the Dubai King. It means he sits at the position of the UAE i.e. United Arab Emirates’ prime minister. He achieved the throne as per death in 2006 of earlier king Sheikh Maktoum.  

He had seen the vision to make Dubai a global city. He has decided to launch many government ownerships. It includes Emirates Airline, DP World, and Jumeriah groups. 

Sheikh of Dubai has many attractive projects. Do you have any of these? Please comment down and share your thoughts. It includes the technology park, Dubai internet city, Dubai media city, and much more. 

Dubai King – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Ali Maktoum – Visa Dekho

You surely would have heard about the famous building of Burj Khalifa. Sheikh Mohammed has developed the construction of this tallest building over the globe. 

Mohammed Maktoum recognizes as monarch of Dubai. 

You will not find any democratic institutions in his area. He is the prime minister of the UAE. There’s a presentation of the British court for the king of Dubai on March 5, 2020. The court has evidence that he had steel illegally two of these daughters. He had also threatened his wife, Princess Haya. On February 16, 2021, the court presented the video message of this wife. 

Do you know sheik Mohammed owned many of the companies? It includes Godolphin, Darley, and more. All these brands have great demand in around six countries. 

Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum has many talents and hobbies also? He participated in the horse race. He took charge of Madji Du Pont, named horse, and covered around 160 km. Isn’t it shocking? He also has talents as a poet in Arabic languages. 

You might know the king of Dubai. But now, the question arises as to how did he reach this position? Let’s have a glimpse of it. 

Which career made Sheikh Mohammed reach the post of the king of Dubai?

The king of Dubai – Visa dekho

Dubai police 

Is there any connection of police career for sheik Maktoum? Yes, the sheik has gained police training from Dubai. Later, his father recruited him as head of Dubai the police department. Sheik involved the police department under the Union Defense force. 

Minister of defense

In January 1968, Sheikh Rashid, Zayed had fixed their meeting for the first time. King of Dubai had also given his presence at the same place. The meeting took regarding the formation of the union of emirates following British notifications. 

Following the deal got with construction result as the United Arab Emirates. It got completed on December 2, 1971. At this time, Sheikh Mohammed became the first minister of defense. You will shock to know that he reached only the age of 22 at this time. How cool? 

Crown prince of Dubai 

The Dubai king – Visa Dekho

On January 3, 1995, Maktoum bin Rashid Al signed his younger brothers as the crown prince of Dubai. King of Dubai at this time already gained the position of minister of defense. Also, he got recruited firstly as head of the Dubai police force. 

Prince did his work consistently with great deeds. He always preferred to make a surprise visit to the minister’s office to check his working status. Once in 2016, Al Maktoum landed on the Dubai land department office. He found many of the employees missing. He immediately made orders to retire all missing workers. 

King of Dubai, vice president, and prime minister 

In 2006, Maktoum Bin Rashid Al, the elder brother of him died. Hence, he got the post of the king of Dubai on January 4, 2006. After this, the federal national council got recruited as the new vice president. 

What the roles of the Dubai king? 

Dubai king sits at many responsible for the people. It involves the prime minister of the UAE. You can check out some of the responsibilities of the Dubai king.

Roles of the Dubai king – Visa Dekho
  1. The Prime minister, along with other ministers, plays a vital role in planning. It includes ruling the president of UAE, supreme council for execution. 
  2. He can also target the general policy of the federal government. It might get under the inside and outside with UAE. 
  3. The prime minister needs to have supervision over the coordination of works. It includes various ministers and executive federal government entities. He can tackle providing directives to the attendants. He gets all the responsibility to run the civilization of Dubai. 
  4. He tackles all matters related to the affection in general government policies. Hence, he works with the crown of worries on his head. 
  5. Sheikh Mohammed has built many great projects for the people of Dubai. It includes many famous buildings like Burj Khalifa. Also, he takes care of all revenue running for the entire Dubai city. 
  6. Prime ministers need to make calls for delivering the message in the office of the cabinet. After this, it had done discussions with administrative offices. Also, he had to make continuous monitoring of the activities of ministers. 
  7. King of Dubai has to make his presence in the cabinet sessions daily. Here he discusses various deals of the city with other party members. 
  8. What if the Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum doesn’t present in the city? In his absence as Dubai king, princess Haya takes charge of the system. His highness also had recruited with the position of minister of defense in 1971. 


Hello friends! Hope you have gained much information about the Dubai king. Even he sits at this position, and then too, he never forgets his honesty. He had got military training. Hence, he can easily handle the city of Dubai.  At an early age, only he had achieved the most repotted position of defense minister.  


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