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Fun and Interesting facts about Paris vacation worth exploring

Paris is often known as the City of Lights and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. People think that every fact about it is well known, but it’s not true. It still has many hidden gems, some compelling tales, and interesting facts which are worth exploring. If you are planning a Paris trip, you must know these facts about Paris. These facts are highly entertaining. One must know about them whether for interest or the preparation of their Paris vacation.

Did you know that…

Paris is one of the most cities in the world. Each year around 45 million people from all over the world travel for Paris vacation. Still, visiting the city of lights is a dream for many tourists. It is famous for its landmarks, beautiful museums, and attractive streets. Paris has a long history and a rich culture.

Paris is the capital of France and one of the most visited cities around the world. An interesting fact is that one-fifth of the entire population of France lives in Paris only. Not just for Paris vacation, people also come here for settling. The current population of Paris alone is estimated to be more than 10 million. The number has increased from thousands to millions in the last few decades. 

Paris is also called the City of Lights

Paris is also referred to as the City of Lights, but do you know why? It happened after Paris became the epicentre of the exchange of ideas and the home for numerous intellects. For many decades this city has attracted scientists, writers, philosophers, and artists who have made contributions to society. The term Lights refers to the high number of intellects who have migrated to Paris after the 17th century.

The first city to get electricity

Another fact due to which Paris is called the city of lights is that it is the first city which got electricity and electric lamps. Before that, the people who had a house on the main street were supposed to place a lamp on their windows for trespassers to see the streets easily and pass. In the 1860s, more than 50,000 lamps were kept across the city to illuminate its boulevards and walkways. An outstanding night view was created, since then, it is called the city of lights.

Eiffel Tower was meant to be temporary

Whenever anyone talks about a Paris trip or Paris vacation, the first thought which crosses our mind is watching the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower, the main tourist attraction of Paris was built and inaugurated in 1889, was about to be demolished in 1909. Suddenly it gained popularity during that time and also functioned as a conductor for wireless signals and radio waves.

Eiffel Tower

When the construction plan was introduced, many intellectuals called it a useless structure, and also many protested against it. However, the construction started went ahead and we got Eiffel Tower as one of the wonders of the world.

The Notre Dame…

Most people think that the Eiffel Tower is the most visited place in Paris vacation but it’s not. The Notre Dame cathedral is the main tourist attraction and the most visited monument in Paris. It is situated in the centre of the city at Ile de la Cite. The monument was built between 1163 and 1345 on the remnants of two momentous churches and one old Gallo-Roman Temple.

The foundation stone was laid by Pope Alexander in the 12th Century. everyone from royal families to common residents has contributed to the construction of this cathedral in terms of money, time, and labor. It is 800 years old and considered to be the best example of French Gothic architecture. In 2019, before the fire caught in Notre Dame, each year around 14-15 million visitors came here making it the most visited site in Paris trip.

Not only its history makes it the most visited site in Paris vacation, but there are other reasons too making it special.

There is a small brass compass located right outside the Notre Dame Cathedral which is considered the center of the city. All the distances from Paris are measured from the compass. It is also said that it brings good luck to all who rotate around on this star.

The Notre Dame Cathedral has the heaviest bell that weighs around 13 tons. It is named ‘Emmanuel’ and is rang for the major catholic holidays and important events and celebrations. Earlier, there were numerous bells in Notre Dame but they were melted for making weapons during the French Revolution. You would also find one of the oldest organs in the world which belongs to the 13th century.

Paris vacation is a commercial hub for ad shoots

Each day Paris witnesses an averagely of 10 commercials or film shoots. It’s because no fee is charged on the film crew for shooting. However, there are certain locations that need permission and charge for shooting like a garden, museums, swimming pools, etc.

Least number of stop signs

Do you know that there are no stop signs anywhere in Paris? Yes, surprisingly it’s true; Paris holds the record of ‘0’ stop signs. The traffic rules in Paris state that cars on the right side must always have the right of overtaking at the intersections. However, there used to be one traffic signal during the 16th arrondissement but somehow it disappeared in 2014.

The ‘Statue of Liberty’

Yes, you read it right! The Statue of Liberty is not just present in the U.S, it is also present in Paris and not just one but many. The most visited statue of Liberty of Paris is found beside the Pont de I’Alma on an island in the center of Seine. This statue of Liberty in Paris faces the Statue of Liberty in New York and signifies the relationship between USA and France.

We will be posting some more interesting facts about Paris vacation very soon, till then tell us in comments about more interesting facts about Paris. 


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