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Festival Shopping in Dubai 2021 is Set to Entice and Satisfy Shopaholics of the World


Do you want to get the ultimate shopping experience during your international tour? You must make your way to attend the famous Festival Shopping in Dubai with many empty suitcases. The event will take place between December 17, 2021, and January 30, 2022. Dubai shopping festival is set to entice and satisfy millions of shoppers belonging to different parts of the world.

Popular Items You Can Buy at Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

You will find almost everything on sale during the event of Dubai Shopping Festival 2021. However, a few of the popular products are-


You will get many outstanding fashion deals available on boutique and designer clothes to update your wardrobe. 

Gems and Jewels

Festival Shopping in Dubai is an excellent place for gems and jewels. An interesting aspect is that you may find pure diamond, gold, platinum, and other precious gems and jewels. Each of the products has an exquisite design and is available at an affordable price.


Whether you are a technology lover or love regular gadgets, you will expect to get the latest gadgets and advanced products at the most affordable price. Almost every shopping mall has an electronic store to sell its favorite brands.


Whether it is a premium watch, pure leather jacket, or trendy bags, you will find varieties of accessories available for sale at Festival Shopping in Dubai 2021.


Other than accessories, you will get plenty of branded cosmetics from various stores organized in different areas of Dubai. Indeed, the festival is the right place to start your collection or create a stock of your favorites.  

Exotic Goods

Want to buy something beyond the luxurious brands, just try many local and speciality items while attending the event of Festival Shopping in Dubai. These are dry fruits, perfumes, and spices. Exotic goods are excellent ways to explore many local and traditional souks organized during the event. 

Home Décor

With tons of lucrative deals on appliances, furnishings, and furniture items, you will get a luxurious makeover to your home. Moreover, Dubai is popular for its designer carpets, which will be an exclusive souvenir.

During the last few years, the city has become an ultimate shopping paradise. Indeed, one can get many luxurious brands and international items within their budget. With approximately 1500 brands, you get discounts from only 25 percent to 95 percent. You may even get reduced rates while purchasing any item in marketplaces and by participating in a few traditional souks. 

Places to Visit Shop while Attending Festival Shopping in Dubai 2021

An interesting aspect of Festival Shopping in Dubai of 2021 is that it combines the entire country. Accordingly, the festival does not remain confined to only big shopping malls or plazas. Instead, you will get opportunities to visit local marketplaces and many standout venues. Common shopping places include the following-

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Located near the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is an iconic architecture and the biggest shopping mall in the world. Depending on your convenience, you may visit anytime during day or night to explore its exclusive stores and other quality services.

Deira City Center

Abbreviated as DCC, Deira City Center is a local shopping mall in Deira and is a great shopping destination for festival shopping events. Here, you not only get international brands but local products as well.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall is a thematic mall designed around the places traveled by the famous Ibn Battuta. Other than sections highlighting a few places visited by Ibn Battuta, you will find many other sections to highlight his discoveries. Moreover, you will get many amazing stores and various options for dining.

Outlet Mall

Want to get heavy discounts on your purchased items, visit the Outlet Mall. Here, you will get plenty of items available at factory rates. Furthermore, the mall has approximately 240 stores and a few of the stores may give 90 percent discounts on items available for sale.



Do you want to shop from a convenient yet premier location in Dubai during Festival Shopping in Dubai? Just visit the Burjuman store, where you get almost everything of your choice.  

Souks or Traditional Marketplaces

Dubai has many souks and traditional marketplaces to sightsee and shop simultaneously. A few of the famous ones are Spice Souk, Gold Souk, Old Souk, and Perfume Souk.

Other Attractions during Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Moreover, you may visit the festival carnival on any day between Thursday and Saturday. The carnival allows you to view a few amazing games, performers, and rides within the store. Along with big events, almost every shopping mall organizes its regular planned activities and exhibitions across the entire area of Dubai.

Handy Tips to Participate in Dubai Shopping Festival

Before attending Festival Shopping in Dubai, you have to follow a few tips to avoid faltering at any point. These include the following-

Shopping Festival App

You should make sure to stay updated on the latest offers, sales, and discounts. Hence, never forget to download DSF app on your mobile phone immediately.

Advance Holiday Package

Want to get hot deals, never forget to book an advanced holiday package and schedule your trip before the festival starts.

Debit Card/Credit Card is Preferable

We recommend you use a debit card or a credit card to get reward points and instant cashback. Doing so will let you achieve lucrative discounts.

Handy Shopping List is Essential

You have to maintain a handy shopping list and research well to get the best offers to explore sales to their fullest.

Enjoy Landscape as Well

Lastly, you must make sure to make the most of your Dubai trip by visiting Dubai’s beautiful landscapes other than involving in shopping activities.


With a pool of shopping centers and items to shop, Festival Shopping in Dubai this time promises to give a far better experience to its visitors than before. Explosive deals, discounts, firework displays and a carnival across the country, and live events are enough to make every tourist happy for a lifetime. 


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