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Thrilling Rides and Attractions to Explore at the Ferrari World in Dubai

Ferrari World is the first theme park of the world themed on branded Ferrari cars. The popular amusement park in the UAE has many attractions and groundbreaking rides for diverse age groups. Diversity in the number of rides and their specialties has made Ferrari world in Dubai a family and friendly park. However, before you should know the rides and attractions, you must get an overview and location of the park.

Overview and Location of the Themed Park

Ferrari branded theme park of the world is in the famous Yas Island of Abu Dhabi. It is the single biggest indoor theme park on the planet. As the name itself, the Ferrari theme park is famous for its exclusive rides for all types of people. However, other than rides, you may enjoy a few magical shows, savor diverse flavours of Italy, and access to the fastest and prestigious Italian supercars with their racing legends.

Types of Rides and Attractions in Ferrari World in Dubai

Attractions in Ferrari World

Formula Rossa

If you are a fan of speed rides, you must experience Formula Rossa in the Ferrari World. Recognized as the fastest roller coaster ride in the world, it eliminates sudden drops from heights. However, the speciality of the ride lies in its lightning speed, as the roller coaster moves at 149mph in only 5 seconds.

High speed has become possible with its hydraulic launch system, which is similar to the ones used in aircraft. Moreover, Formula Rossa has 2m of a long track with a few tricky corners to add excitement to the ride.

Scuderia Challenge

Do you love virtual racing games? Try the Scuderia Challenge racing simulator game at the famous Ferrari World in Dubai. The ride goes on in a virtual Marina Circuit.

Users will get a steering wheel in their hands and screens of 180-degree in front of them. Each player can seat in small pods similar to cars and the cars feature hydraulic support to react to everything that goes on the gaming screen.

What would be better than enjoying a 7D movie while experiencing the Scuderia Challenge ride in the Ferrari World in Dubai? Just press the car’s accelerator to feel the speed and pull its break to feel the inertia. Moreover, you may take various swift turns and swing between sides.

Speed of Magic

Speed of Magic involves another surprising ride at Ferrari World in Dubai. Initially, the ride is similar to other roller coaster rides. However, in a few seconds only, it gives you tons of thrills than you thought. Accordingly, you have to virtually follow animated characters, fly through various exotic locations at high speed. The effects of the lows and highs of the flight are exciting and impressive. 

Fiorano GT Challenge

Fiorano GT Challenge

Fiorano GT Challenge is another exciting ride, which will challenge the reflexes many times. The ride consists of two F430 cars in spider shapes moving across parallel tracks. Besides, you get the real thrill in the cross paths of twin roller coasters at different points during your ride. Here, the riders get the feeling to collide with one another. The ride lets you experience a chasing scene from the famous movie series named ‘Fast and Furious’.


Have you ever tried bungee jumping in your life? If not, experience a G-Force ride at Ferrari World in Dubai. However, the activity is not jumping. Instead, the ride will drop you suddenly from a height of 62 meters above the ground.  

The car will fall at about 12 meters per second speed and drop riders straight down the ground. However, operators of G-Force cars put their best possible efforts to assure safe landing of the riders along with thrills. Only, you have to be strong-heart to experience a ride on G-Force.

Flying Aces

Experts have designed Flying Aces rides based on the inspirations of legendary aces of aces aviator named Count Baracca. The ride is 63 meters in length and has an incredible incline at 51 degrees. However, the ultimate adrenaline rush occurs while you move at a speed of approximately 120 kilometers in one hour on the worldwide highest loop of roller coasters.


Are you a technology lover or an automobile engineer eager to know the functions or features of the Ferrari Engine? Give your time to experience a V12 ride at Ferrari World in Dubai. Follow a boat-based ride to enter the heart of the Ferrari 599 model engine consists of 12 cylinders. The entire journey seems to convert in size small enough for entering the Ferrari engine. Simultaneously, you get a few drops as a bonus.

Tyre Twist

Want to enjoy a simple cup and saucer ride with your family members, try the Tyre Twist ride. Here, you get F1-inspired giant types as riding seats. The seats will rotate, collide and slide into other fellow riders. You get the real fun while predicting the direction of the tyre movement but your prediction fails.

Bell Italia

Any themed park is incomplete without something special to enjoy for kids. Hence, Ferrari World in Dubai has a special Bell Italia ride dedicated to kids. The ride takes children to explore the architectural wonders of Italy. The ride goes across many iconic landmark miniatures, famous racetracks, and coastlines of Italy. Especially, your kids will see the model of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The drive across mini-Italy takes place on a small car of Ferrari 250 California.

Additional Excitements at Ferrari Themed Park in Dubai

Popular Shows at the Themed Park

Visitors of Ferrari World in Dubai amaze and entertain a lot by many shows, which feature optical illusions, acrobats, stunts to defy gravity, and many more. Particularly, you will get a chance to view two popular shows-

Cinema Maranello

In this, you will experience an exciting journey at an Italian cinema of 1920 with the famous Coppa di Sicilia. The show will highlight the journey of Enzo Ferrari to convert his motoring dream into reality.

Close Watch to Ferrari World Characters

Ferrari World Characters

You will watch a few lovable characters of Ferrari World, who will appear across the park during the day. Never miss watching Benno the Mouse and Berto the Mechanic at the theme park.

Dining Experience at the Ferrari World

Lastly, visitors at Ferrari World in Dubai will have a fine dining experience at nearby restaurants, which serve a few of the best international and Italian cuisines.


Overall, Ferrari World in Dubai has many rides and attractions to give lots of enjoyment to adventure lovers, family members, kids, technology lovers, automobile lovers, and many more.


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