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Latest Canada Immigration News – Canada has introduced New Changes Related To Immigration Fees For 2022

If you need the latest Canada immigration news, then you have come to the perfect place because we are providing regular updates. The fees of Canada are less costly as compared to the countries with the same immigration systems like New Zealand, Australia, the United States & United Kingdom.

After 30th April, the Canadian Government is increasing the fees for all the applicants for permanent residence. They are increasing the fees for the permit, economic holder & humanitarian classes. Last time, they increased the fees for permanent residence in 2020; that time, they announced that they would increase the fees every two years.

Canada Immigration News – Changes in fees

Currently, Canada PR applicants are paying the $500, but they will have to pay $515 after 30th April. This will have to pay at the same time whenever you are applying for the Canada PR application or when you get the approval of the application. It has become reserved for those folks who got the approval for the permanent residence in Canada & this will be refunded if the application got declined. Make sure that you are reading all the fees related rules the Canada Immigration. Bear in mind that a fee for the permanent residence will not apply to the following candidates-

  • Any kind of application the sponsorship for any adopted kids.
  • The dependent kid of the principal sponsor or applicant.
  • Any kind of sponsorship application for the grandchild, nephew, niece, sister, or orphaned brother.

Bear in mind that the fees for the permanent resident travel documents, permanent resident cars & certification will not be enhanced. Canada has become an ideal destination for the students that are also supporting a cheaper approach to financing the government programs. Make sure that you are checking the latest IRCC updates where you will get important information related to Canada Immigration.

The majority of the students prefer to apply for the Canada Student Visa because fees are less expensive as compared to various other developed countries like New Zealand, Australia, the United States & United Kingdom. Fees are already expected to increase within two years, totally depending on the Consumer Price Index.

Inflation is rising

You will find a lot of shoppers are continually finding a lot of things more expensive whenever they are going to the grocery store. What is the main reason why prices are continually increasing?

“Prices are continually increasing in last few years” According to the professionals, the Bank of Canada is targeting an almost 2% annual increase in the (CPI) Consumer Price Index. In addition, global supply chain issues are continually causing so many shorts. This is continually enhancing the worth of key inputs. If you are one who is already searching for Government to ease the overall strain of inflation, then there will not be much they will able to do to fix it in the limited time.

Canada Immigration Budget of 2022

Recently, the Finance minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, has already introduced the first budget since the 2021 September federal election. The Canadian Government is planning to add 400000 new permanent residents every year. They have already committed almost $2.1 billion in the five years & they are planning to add $317.6 million dollars for this thing.

The Final Verdict

However, they are also planning to invest $48.2 million, so they will be able to create the TFWP for the agriculture & fish processing employers also. For latest Canada Immigration News you must check visadekho on a regular basis where you will get daily updates. We are providing the regular Canada immigration news and Important changes made by the Canadian Immigration also.

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