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10 Things You Must Know About VFS Biometric Appointment!

So you are going for the VFS Biometric Appointment? Don’t panic; we are here to give you every information about what will happen at Visa Application Centre.

  • Every person requires to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment.
  • You will have to attend an appointment for a visa application, and no one will be able to send someone in your place.
  • Bear in mind that only visa applicants & one caregiver/parent, and a kid under 18 years are permitted to enter the Visa Application Center for the VFS Biometric Appointment.
  • You will have to carry following important things at the VFS centre for the Biometric appointment-
  • copy of the visa application,
  • bio page of passport (2 copies),
  • 2D barcode Sheets
  • Passport & travel documents with a minimum of two pages are completely blank on both sides.
  • In case any applicant is applying for the visa on behalf of a kid under 14 years old, then they will not have to attend because they will not have to give information related to fingerprint.
  • Eighteen years old kids will have to be accompanied by an adult and make sure that this will not be a VFS global staff member.
  • Just in case any applicant has applied the application for the visa online, then you will get the Biometric Instruction Letter in the Email, so it is your responsibility to bring a specific copy of the Biometric Instruction Letter.
  • An applicant will have to carry a variety of important things like valid documents & travel documents with two pages that are completely blank on both sides.

Moving Further, on 2nd November 2018, the Canadian Government made it mandatory for every applicant to enrol on biometrics at the Canada VFS centre in India. 

Important things you must know about VFS Biometric Appointment

If you are one who wants to give the biometrics, then you will have to do the following things at the VFS centre.

  • Every applicant will have to give a fingerprint scan & facial scan also.
  • At the VFS centre, a particular scanner of the fingerprint will automatically capture the pictures of 10 fingers & they are also capturing the digital photograph. This is considered one of the most discreet, easy & quick processes.
  • Every applicant will have to avoid wearing any kind of light colour cloth. They should wear bright colour cloth.
  • If you want to complete the fingerprint scanning related requirements, then your fingerprint must be free from any kind of temporary body decoration such as mehndi because it will interfere with the scanner.
  • In case any candidate is applying for a Canada study visa, work permit & temporary resident visa, then they will have to give the essential biometric related details once every ten years.
  • Just in case any person is applying for the Canada PR, then they will need to submit the biometric related information with every application.
  • If any candidate has already applied for a temporary resident visa of Canada or study or work visa of Canada in previous or if any candidate submitted the information related to the biometric in the past, then it is your responsibility to visit the official website of the IRCC where you will have to check out that your biometric is still valid or not.
  • Photographs will capture the complete picture of your face. You will not be able to wear tinted spectacles or sunglasses. You don’t have to cover the head unless it is worn for ethical or religious reasons.

In addition, if you are going for VFS Biometric Appointment, then it is your responsibility to keep these important things in mind. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge related to a biometric appointment, then you must read the complete article carefully.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, every person needs to book the appointment using the same name & DOB on the travel document or passport. Just in case the DOB on the appointment letter will not match your travel document or passport, then you will not be able to give the appointment at VFS. For latest information related to the Canada Immigration, you must check visadekho where you will get regular updates.

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