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Features and Types of Reliance Travel Insurance Plan to Cover You in Your Trip

Know all about reliance travel insurance!


Travelling abroad has become a common thing for individuals with the whole world are connecting day by day. People travel overseas frequently for employment opportunities, higher studies, leisure, and business activities. However, travelling to other countries involves many risks, which one cannot neglect at any cost.

Baggage loss or other similar mishaps may disrupt your chosen travel schedule and force you to end up with huge expenses. In this situation, you must get a comprehensive reliance travel insurance plan, as it guards against all sorts of uncertainties related to travelling internationally. A good insurance plan will cover you against flight delays, accidents, and medical emergencies.

Features of a Reliance Travel Insurance Plan

  • A prime feature of reliance travel insurance is that it gives coverage for a maximum of 6 months. Later, you may renew your coverage for the upcoming 6 months as well.
  • If you are a senior citizen and do not cross 80 years, you do not need any medical checkup.
  • The insurance plan covers all sorts of declared pre-existing diseases, which categorize under life-threatening diseases to a maximum of 70 years.
  • Regardless of your chosen reliance travel insurance, you get cashless hospitalization services everywhere in the world.
  • The plan lets you get round-the-clock assistance with various insurance-related services while you travel abroad.  
  • Policyholders do not need to complete any paperwork while purchasing travel insurance plans from Reliance Group.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Reliance

Before you should buy a particular travel insurance plan and plan a trip, you have to understand the types, which include the following-

Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic travel insurance is for all individuals, who want to travel to any other city in India. The policy protects policyholders to deal with different types of problems during their journey. The plan covers medical emergencies, death or permanent disability, baggage loss, personal liability, and delay in the journey.

Any Indian travelling in different Indian cities may buy domestic travel insurance. Besides, foreigners may buy domestic travel insurance to travel within India. Even though you get benefits from domestic travel insurance, the policy is non-refundable.

International Travel Insurance

Policyholders must buy international reliance travel insurance before they embark on any foreign trip regardless of the purpose. The plan protects against every unseen non-medical and medical emergency during the trip.

If your age is less than 85 years, you do not have to undergo any medical checkup to buy international travel insurance. The policy covers you for the plane hijack, medical expenses, travel delays, baggage/luggage losses, evacuation, or repatriations to India. The policy covers you for misplacing or losing your passport and other essential travel documents.  

Individual Travel Insurance

Today, almost every individual wants to go for a solo trip to a foreign country. Solo trips give plenty of options to explore the beauty of the world. However, travelling abroad alone involves many risks as well.

Here comes the role of individual travel insurance by Reliance, which provides many benefits along with the regular ones. These include expenses related to dental emergencies followed by an accident, repatriation to handle medical emergencies, compensation after accidental injuries, luggage or baggage losses, and related benefits.  

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate travel insurance by Reliance is for all organizational or corporate employees. A few insurance providers also refer it to as annual multiple trip travelling insurance.

Student Travel Insurance

We know that students today travel to foreign countries for their higher studies. In this situation, a reliance travel insurance plan for students gives comprehensive coverage on various expenses incurred on them. These include the loss of passport, medical treatment, and other valid reasons, which lead to interruption in their regular studies.  

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Travel insurance plans for senior citizens cater to people of different age groups from 61 years to 70 years. The insurance policy provides coverage for cashless hospitalization and dental treatment with regular coverage for travel insurance.

Family Travel Insurance

Family travel insurance by Reliance covers the entire family in a single policy. The plan compensates policyholders and their family members for baggage loss, hospitalization, and related incidental expenses.


Overall, the selection of a travel insurance plan by Reliance Group depends solely on your travel requirements. You must remember that the best travel insurance policy will cover you against every type of event, like delays in flights, accidents, plane hijacks, and medical emergencies.


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