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What is Airbnb and How it Benefits Guests and Hosts

Introduction to Airbnb

Airbnb is the acronym for Air Bed and Breakfast. The service allows property owners to rent their spaces to travelers looking for a temporary stay. Travelers may rent a space to share with many people, a big property or a shared space consists of private rooms for them.

History of Airbnb

Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, the two designers of the industry, started Airbnb in the year 2008. They have recently relocated to San Francisco. Both designers were unable to afford their loft rent during that time. Hence, they decided to earn money by renting out their properties to people who cannot find hotels to stay in while attending the trade shows.

The duo set up air mattresses in the living room of their apartment to make a comfortable sleeping area for the guests. Moreover, in the morning, they welcomed guests by cooking homemade breakfast. Right from then, Airbnb has become a trailblazer in peer-to-peer types of property rentals.  

How Airbnb Works for Travelers

What is Airbnb and How it Benefits

Airbnb has brought a huge revolution to the entire hospitality industry. Before the launch of the marketplace, travelers have to book a hostel or hotel to make their trips to any other town. However, nowadays, many tourists have started looking for booking options on Airbnb.

Ideology to Launch Airbnb

The ideology associated with the launch of Airbnb is to provide a way for local people to earn extra few bucks. For this, they have to rent out their spare room or home to people visiting their city or area. Hosts use the platform to advertise their rental facilities to millions of people across the world. Here, property owners stay assured that a reputed company handles their payments. Airbnb platform also gives full support to hosts wherever and whenever they need it.

On the other hand, guests may use Airbnb to get a homey place to stay while they are on a tour. Rental homes or rooms available on this platform have relatively more features than a hotel or hostel. For instance, a few rentals have a kitchen to let travelers cook their food instead of dining out. A few others are available at a relatively low price than the ones charged by any reputed hotel in the same city.

How to make bookings with Airbnb

You have to follow a few steps to make your bookings with Airbnb. These include the following-

  • Open the official website of Airbnb
  • Sign up to create your account or log in to the website. If you are a first-time user, you have to upload your identification document and verify the phone number. 
  • Enter the booking date or period and specify your location to start searching for accommodation facilities. Here, you may customize the search using the website filters. 
  • Once you get the ideal accommodation facility, you should reserve or book it immediately.
  • Make payment for your selected accommodation facility and get a notification related to your booking. You should make sure to mention your address. 
  • If you have to stay at any accommodation for a long time, the property owner or the registered host may arrange a payment plan to benefit you. Accordingly, you have to pay an amount as an initial deposit and the remaining amount as instalments.

Pros of Airbnb 

Gives You a Unique Stay 

Airbnb is the perfect option for all who want a unique accommodation facility in their chosen city or area. Whether you want a treehouse, a houseboat, a cabin, a glamping pod, or a castle, you may get everything on Airbnb. The platform has a name for offering one-of-a-kind and unique accommodation facilities. 

Lets you feel like at Home 

Do you want to feel like staying at home even during your travel to a new place? You should look for accommodation facilities on Airbnb. Here, you will get every possible comfort, as you expect to get while staying at your home. You may get a couch to relax, cook in the in-built kitchen, and watch your favorite TV program. You may even walk around your block and interact with the local people. 

Offer a Pool of Services for Guests 

Airbnb offers varieties of service offerings to its guests. People searching by city or location may get a huge list of experiences, like sightseeing and classes offered by various local hosts. Moreover, you will get listings of restaurants from hosts on Airbnb. 

Perfect for Organizing Grand Parties 

Bachelor parties, family reunions, family or friends’ trips, and so on are using the available spaces at Airbnb to their complete potential. A few properties offer social space and bedrooms at the most affordable price. In other words, staying in an accommodation organized by Airbnb involves relatively less expensive than staying in any hotel room.

Properties available under Airbnb often target traveling groups across the world. Accordingly, you get many things on offer, which you may hardly get in any hotel room. These are a football table, a yard space, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a private gaming room, and a dining room.

Immersing in a Foreign Culture is Easy 

Immersing yourself in the tradition and culture of a foreign country is easy while staying in an Airbnb. It is especially true when you book only one room instead of the whole property. In this way, you may socialize with the hosts. In some cases, you may get valuable pieces of insider advice related to your destination. 

Protects Both Hosts and Guests

Airbnb holds the payment of each guest for one day or 24 hours after they check-in and before releasing the funds to their hosts. Moreover, if you are a host, you may get a maximum of $1,000,000 for covering damage inflicted on their properties. The best thing is that the protection does not need any extra cost.


Airbnb is an excellent online marketplace or platform to connect people who want to give their homes at rent. It is perfect for all who want accommodations in particular locales. Therefore, Airbnb gives you a stress-free and easy way to earn income from properties.


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