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Trafalgar Square is Set to Organize Live Music Show for New Year Celebration in London

Planing 2022 New Year Celebration in London? Let’s check out the full plan here!

Are you a diehard fan of firework displays across the line of the River Thames? Do you often choose to enjoy your New Year Eve in London? If yes, you must be well aware of a popular tradition of fireworks on display hosted during NYE in London. The display lights up the sky at night and it attracts worldwide tourists.

However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, London government authorities have cancelled their traditional firework display event. However, to recover the disappointment, the Mayor of London has recently announced his plans to celebrate NYE 2022 in the capital city differently. In this blog post, you will get the latest updates related to New Year Celebration in London for 2022.  

Why NYE Cancelled Fireworks Display in London for the Year 2021  

London authorities have to plan for one year to host the fireworks displays in London. Uncertainty on mass gatherings and related hindrances due to lockdowns has prevented the London office to move ahead with the fireworks event for 2021.

Organizing of firework display is impossible for the present year as well. The display event for New Year Celebration in London also needs the commitment of approximately a million pounds during the first quarter of 2022. Indeed, organizers are unwilling to risk the money of taxpayers during today’s financial pressures.

What Will Take Place to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve of 2022?

New Year Celebration in London for this 2022 will take place differently in Trafalgar Square. The square is all set to organize a ticketed celebration for the New Year 2022 for the first time. The event replaces London’s traditional event celebrated widely across the country on the River Thames.

Live Music-Prime Attraction of NYE This Year

Even though NYE organizers have not revealed the list of events, they promised to organize live music, food stalls, and tons of other excitements. What is more exciting than celebrating NYE 2022 by enjoying the wonderful concerts done by a few of the best stage performers of London? Other than that, attendees will get an opportunity to enjoy their favourite cuisines and beverages from various food stalls organized in Trafalgar Square.

Live Telecast of City Highlights on a Big Screen

Other than live concerts, a big screen will be there to broadcast New Year Celebration in London and highlight a few of the defining moments of the year 2021. The show will also go live for viewers who want to watch the event from home on iPlayer and BBC-One.  

How to Get Tickets for the NYE event at Trafalgar Square for New Year Celebration in London

In the latest update by the Mayor of London, event organizers will handle the tickets by using an online ballot. However, they have not confirmed the exact date related to the handling of tickets.

Comments from the Mayor of London

According to Mr. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, “This year, we will have a brand-new celebration of the New Year Eve in Trafalgar Square. We are now looking forward to organizing a live broadcast to highlight the attractions of our city on BBC-One. Our top-class theatres, attractions, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues are envies of the world and they are now ready to give warm welcome to London tourists for the New Year.

New Year Celebration in London Parties and Clubs

Other than live broadcasts for 2022, you will find many clubs to enjoy New Year parties in London. These are Ballie Barllerson, Abba Disco, London NYE Ball, Tobacco Dock Spotlight, and many more. Each of the clubs and pubs has grand ballrooms to give warm welcome to visitors with plenty of drinks, cocktails, champagne, and live DJs.

Particularly, if you are a party lover, you must include the following party events/venues in your travel list.

The Blitz Party

The Blitz Party is famous for organizing retro-themed parties during New Year in London. Victoria House Basement of London hosts the party yearly. The party adorns beautifully with sandbags, railway arches, reconnaissance maps, air-raid shelters, hurricane lamps, maps, blackout curtains, and similar others. Besides, a talented group of artists will do live performances for this New Year party while you sip classic cocktails with the vibes of 40s style.  

The Prohibition Party New Year Celebration in London

Want to dress in lovely furry attire for the NYE 2022 to grab the attention of other visitors, take part in the Prohibition Party. As a lavish party of London, here also visitors will get a glimpse of retro-themed decorations. Here, you may enjoy dance and live performances for the whole night along with sipping your favorite champagnes. 

New Year’s Eve Ball

New Year’s Eve Ball takes place at the historic site of the Natural Museum in London. Visitors will enjoy varied music genres and melodious tunes for the night. Moreover, attendees may dance for the night with the tunes.

New Year Celebration in London Other than Parties

New Year Celebration in London is much more than live music concerts, clubbing, and parties. Here, we will discuss a few other ways to welcome 2022 during your tour in London.

Ice Skating

If you are an adventurous lover, you may twirl on the ice at any popular ice skating rinks opened especially during winters in London. Only, you have to book the ice skating venue in advance and visit during the mid-afternoon to make the most from the activity.

Carriage Rides

Carriage Rides

Every year, Operation Centaur organizes its carriage rides during winters across Richmond Park during daylight hours. The carriage can take a maximum of six people and let tourists experience a ride through Richmond Park by snuggling under a blanket. Travellers may have refreshments before beginning their rides and have working stables tours.

Winter Wonderland New Year Celebration in London

Winter Wonderland is in Hyde Park of London. The tourist spot entices tourists to be its park during the last week of the year. Individuals may do almost everything they want, like visiting food stalls and buying varieties of products from local marks. Moreover, one can have excitement, like circus shows, ice kingdom, ice rink, and giant Ferris wheel journey, and many more.

Aussie New Year Brunch

If you are an Australian unable to go to your home for Christmas and New Year Festival 2022, you may attend Aussie New Year Brunch hosted by Bar Elba. Here, you may have a cocktail reception combined with burgers and toasts prepared in Aussie style. The venue will welcome visitors with beers, bubbles, and bottomless cocktails.

Therefore, a tour of New Year Celebration in London for New Year Eve 2022 will give tons of excitement and enjoyment to every type of person across the world.


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