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Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in London

For many years, London has attracted approximately 27 million visitors from different areas of the world. It has become the frequently visited of Europe. Whenever individuals think to go for an international trip, the first name that strikes their mind is London. However, not everyone has enough time to spend on holiday. Therefore, with the help of this blog post, we have shared a few popular things to do in London

Things to do in London 

Explore Rich History on Protests at Hyde Park 

Hyde Park is the largest and a famous park in London. The park has a huge significance in London history. It hosted many protests and demonstrations, including the protests done by Suffragettes. Hyde Park is home to many memorial features and two water bodies, including the famous Serpentine.

It has a speaker corner, which always remains occupied by performance artists and other individuals associated with protests and debates. Excluding historical buffs, the park has many attractions for nature lovers. Here you have many things to do in London, like paddle boating, view swans, and breath in the fresh air. 

The Political Hub of London-Westminster 

Westminster, London

Want to explore the political hub in London, visit Westminster. It is home to Parliament Houses of the country. Moreover, here you will find a bell house inside an iconic clock tower named Big Ben. The bell and the clock tower chime every hour.

You may even find Westminster Abbey, which remains open to the public. Never miss exploring Parliament Square here. The spot features statues of a few political icons named Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. 

Camden Neighborhood in North London

Camden is a popular cultural neighborhood in North London. The tourist spot is famous for alternative culture. You will find a huge crowd consisting of punks, goths, tourists, and rocks. Camden Market is a special attraction of the Camden neighborhood. It is a diverse and eclectic market and features both street foods and international cuisine.

Moreover, you will find many stalls selling unique artwork and trinkets to bring home. If this is not enough, you may find many vintage cloth racks there. Cakes and cookies lovers may visit the best vegan bakery at Cookies and Scream. Other than shopping activities, you may find other things to do in London Camden. For instance, one can stroll down to move across the Camden Lock in the neighborhood. 

London Eye-A Giant Wheel of Ferris

Your trip to London remains incomplete without visiting the iconic spot of the London Eye. Several years ago, architects designed it for celebrating the millennium. The London Eye is a giant wheel of Ferris and offers many gorgeous views of the city. The wheel lit up during nighttime in various seasonal colors to attract visitors. Moreover, the London Eye is the centrepiece of the city’s New Year celebration. Thanks to the firework displays organized annually to welcome the New Year. 

Here, you may share a spacious pos with other visitors or splurge on your prove pod with someone special. Do not miss to visit the London Aquarium adjacent to the Eye Wheel. Here, you may view seahorses, jellyfish, crocodiles, and several other aquatic creatures of the world. 

Cruise Journey at River Thames

The Thames River is the longest in London and it is the lifeblood of the city’s cruise industry for many years. The river leads to the North Sea at the end. There are several companies in London offering cruise journeys across the River Thames to entice London tourists. Cruises run regularly at the interval of 30 seconds from different locations. Indeed, the cruise journey is also one of the things to do in London. The cruise will pass many sightseeing locations, like Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the Parliament House. 

The British Film Institute

If you are a film lover, you must include the British Film Institute in your list of London tourism. Located on the Southbank, BFI is the ultimate spot to relax after a waterfront stroll. BFI highlights the culture and atmosphere of the vibrant aspect of London. 

O2 Arena-the Millennium Dome

The O2 Arena is an ideal destination for stage shows and lives music in London. Also known as the Millennium Dome, the venue regularly hosts a few big names of the entertainment industry. It is home to a cinema and many restaurants and bars to feature cuisines from different regions of the world.

With so many attractions, the O2 is an ideal tourist spot for hanging out with friends. Alternatively, adventure lovers may climb to the top of the Millennium Dome to witness stunning views of London. 

Nightlife at Shoreditch in London

Are you looking for enjoying the nightlife in London? We recommend you head out to the trendy Shoreditch area. The place has tons of eateries and bars to make your evening and night memorable. Never miss entering a circus-themed var of Trapeze, which serves popcorn and unlimited inventive drinks.

Moreover, if you love pop culture, you must visit a chilled bar cum restaurant of Far Rockaway. Here, you not only enjoy delicious cuisine and beverages but also experience a regular night of the 90s with band posters and comic books. 

Brixton Academy-A Must-visit Place for Music Lovers

Want to enjoy live music in London, head to the city’s best venue named Brixton Academy. Located in the South of London, the academy was a cinema and a theatre many years ago. During that time, local area people refer it to as Astoria. After five years, the venue converted into an academy to host a few of the best pops and rocks in the world.

A few of the popular acts played at Brixton Academy are Sex Pistols, The Clash, Madonna, and New Order. The Smiths played their last ever performance at the academy. Other than that, the academy is a go-to music venue for all willing to catch live music in the city. Alternatively, you may try other unique venues for live music and performances by many upcoming musicians across the world. 


With a rich history and unique culture on the planet, London has become a diverse city of the world. Whether you go to Central London’s tourist hub or any other area, you will find recognizing neighborhoods. With the worldwide best artwork, shopping, entertainment, dining, and history, you will get lots of excitement in London. 


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