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Criteria to Choose the Best Hotel from the Top 5 Hotel Booking Sites in London

Let’s checkout the things to keep in mind before searching the top 5 hotel booking sites in London!

London is an ideal holiday spot for all who want to experience a family tour. The city has something to offer everyone regardless of their choice and taste. Whether it is music, culture, entertainment, or shopping, London has many attractions for its visitors. However, before you head for a London tour, you must check the best and affordable accommodation facilities there. You have to consider selection criteria, as recommended by experts of the top 5 hotel booking sites in London.

Location of a Hotel

Before you should book a hotel from one of the top 5 hotel booking sites in London, you have to check its location. If you have to travel frequently, you have to stay in a hotel located in the city’s central location. Staying in the central area lets you access different locations where you want to go on the trip.

Hotel Reviews 

Once you collect details related to the location of hotels, you have to check reviews of previous hotel guests available on the top 5 hotel booking sites in London. The online reviews will inform you of the accommodation facilities and offered amenities beforehand. 

Independent Hotel Vs Hotel Chain

You may stay in an independent hotel or a hotel chain depending on your requirements. Staying in a hotel chain may benefit visitors who often travel to London. Hotel chains in London are reliable and they deliver the best possible service. However, if you want to glimpse the hospitality of local people, you should stay in an independent hotel. Alternatively, you may stay in various family-run hotels.

Hotels Ratings 

Ratings of hotels are also an important criterion to select the right one while staying in London. One can easily get ratings-related information from the top 5 hotel booking sites in London. Only, you have to look for the one that can cater to your requirements in your budget. You have to choose a hotel that assures a comfortable stay. If you have a holiday trip to London, we suggest you look for a luxury hotel, which has a high star rating. However, individuals visiting London for a few days may choose a budget hotel, which may or may not have any rating. 

Family Oriented Hotels 

If you are on your family trip, you must shortlist a few family-friendly hotels from the top 5 hotel booking sites in London. This aspect is crucial if you have to travel with kids or the elderly in tow. You have to check a few additional features of a hotel. These include a play area, crèches, and swimming pool for kids, and many more. 

Pet-friendly Hotels 

If you have plans to travel with your pets, you have to select a hotel that has a pet-friendly policy. A few hotels may accommodate pets while others do not allow the entry of pets. 

Parking Space 

Your selected hotel facility must have enough parking spaces. This aspect is essential if you have to rent a vehicle and use it on your trip. Alternatively, you may use the facility of public transport.

Restaurant Service

Whenever you have to decide on a hotel in London, you have to check whether it serves meals or offers restaurant services. Particularly, your chosen hotel must offer complimentary breakfast without paying anything extra for it. Moreover, you will find many hotels, which offer rooms with a small kitchen area and facilities to prepare meals for passionate cooks. 

Customer Services

You must be well aware of customer services offered by a hotel where you want to stay. They are room service, laundry service, restaurant facility, and many more. You have to select a hotel and its services based on your requirements while traveling to London.

Therefore, with a few of the essential considerations, you will select the best hotel for your stay in London and make your holiday tour to the city a memorable one. 


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