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Top 10 Mehndi Designs in Dubai

People belonging to different areas of United Arab Emirates have embraced varieties of Mehndi designs in Dubai for a long time. These Mehndis are available in distinctive styles and designs to make Mehndi design in Dubai popular across the world.

Paisley and Flower Design

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho
Paisley Mehndi Design by VisaDekho

If you are a Mehndi or Heena Lover, you are probably familiar with the mostly used Mehndi design elements like flowers, dots, peacocks, vines and yes Paisleys

Paisley and flower design is the most famous Mehndi Design in Dubai Especially during Ramzan. This Mehndi has geometrical patterns without any straight line. The illustration highlights an ultimate combination of paisley patterns and flower drawings, where both run across the wrist’s upper area to one’s index finger. Besides, other fingers may have paisley patterns of different sizes to make exciting images.

You cannot deny the fact that Mehndi is Incomplete without a Paisley in it. Save them for when you get a chance to do Henna the next time and enjoy!

Elaborated Gulf and Floral Pattern Design

The Second most and very eye catching Elaborated floral and gulf pattern Mehndi design in Dubai have discontinuous patches related to Mehndi illustrations drawn by covering the lower forearm area along with the palm of one’s hands.

These types of Mehndi designs replicate baroque designs and are highly preferred during wedding seasons in Dubai. The drawing consists of various floral elements, such as individual petals, vines and flowers. While looking at it, you come to know that the gulf design indicates festivity and celebrations both.

Gulf Mehndi Design in Dubai by VisaDekho
Gulf Mehndi Design in Dubai by VisaDekho

Khaleeji Hand Ornament Mehndi design in Dubai

This type of Mehndi design highlights various patterns, which represent and resemble stunning ornaments. The armlet pattern designed to the middle area of the arm starting from the wrist is the major highlight of Khaleeji hand ornament design. Here, the upper area of the skin patch remains plain and the next designs’ set remain present as illustration of various rings etches on each of the fingers in one’s hand. As an isolated style, Khaleeji design creates an enticing contrast among several other Dubai-based Mehndi patterns available across the world.

Single Line Design

Mehndi design in Dubai has obtained its huge demand because of its single strand pattern. Accordingly, the mehndi highlights a bracelet by applying on one’s wrist. Moreover, the design illustrates an ornate chain to extend across the upper surface of one’s hand until the top area of the middle finger.

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho
Single Line Mehndi Design in Dubai by VisaDekho

Blooming Flower Pattern

Most of the Dubai Mehndi designs focus on flowers, which highlight as blooming across the hands of a women and extending across their fingers. The illustration here spreads across the women’s fingers to create an appealing and discontinuous drawing pattern.

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho
Blooming Flower pattern mehndi accross fingers by VisaDekho

Ornate Band Mehndi Designs in Dubai

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho
Ornate Band Mehndi Designs in Dubai by VisaDekho

Ornate Band Mehndi Designs are applied starting from wrists to finger tips with a decorative band that zigzags across the palm length.  The alternating spaces present between bands remain filled with diverse floral patterns, which extend completely to the fingertip of one’s middle fingers. Ornate band is an excellent way for decorating the hands of a bride and bride mates.

Ornate Band Mehndi Design takes very less time to apply and gives a very classy look to your hands and feet.

Circular Illustration Design

In this type of Mehndi design in Dubai, Mehndi drawing is done as an ornate circular disc at the top part of one’s hand. These designs have a huge demand in gulf and they flank armlet patterns over the wrist. Even the design has complex illustrations wrapping across the fingers to constitute a wonderful Arabian design.

Heart and Circle Strip Design 

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho

Heavy Bracelet Design

As the name highlights, this type of Mehndi design in Dubai highlights a bracelet with stunning details that covers to forearm from front ends. Moreover, drawings are in half flowers and extend from different sides of a central band. Even the design culminates at top area of a woman’s hand by creating a huge array comprising of decorative leaves.

Heart and circle strip type Mehndi design is a slight deviation from the conventional Dubai mehndi patterns. These designs highlight three different pendants in circular shape across the palm with various small hearts present in an intermittent way at upper areas. The fingers have basic patterns to make the design as appearing full.

Dual Flowers Mehndi Designs in Dubai

Mehendi Deisgns in Dubai 2021 by VisaDekho
Dual Flowers Mehndi Designs

Last but not the least, we have two same types of flowers designed on the upper area of the hands. Only half of a flower remains at upper area while the second half is across the edge of one’s palm.

In this way, the pattern gives an illusion of a flower cut into halves across the hands. The flowers unite whenever you place your hands together. 

Dubai Mehndi designs are available in various patterns and styles mainly in floral patterns. Only you have to select the one Mehndi design in Dubai according to your preference. 

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