Recently U.K. Introduced With A New Visa For The Top Graduates Of The World & You Will Not Require Any Job Offer Letter To Apply!


    If you have completed the graduation from the top universities of the world, then you will have a new route into the United Kingdom. They have introduced the High Potential Individual (HPI), which is continually attracting the high-skilled foreign university graduates who are being allowed to work & stay in the U.K. for almost two or three years; however, all things totally depend on the level of the degree.

    Applicants will not require any kind of job offer or sponsorship & holders of such a great visa will surely be free to come into the U.K. for work.

    This is going to be one of the most interesting and exciting categories which is attracting the brightest & best talent from across the world.

    If you are fulfilling the requirements, then you will be able to get a work visa for two years. They are offering a three-year visa to those who have completed their PhD. The best thing about the offer is that you will never require a particular job offer in hand.

    This is one of the great visa offers, which means the U.K. will be able to attract the best & brightest talent from across the world. If you are one who wants to be eligible for this visa, then you will have to behold a degree from a renowned university in the world. They are also giving a particular list of the certified and qualifying schools once a year on the official website of the U.K.

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    How To Apply for Visa In U.K?

    This new high Potential Individual route will surely be able to make it as straightforward as possible for those students who really want to disclose their capabilities to come to the U.K. It will surely allow those who have already shown their potential via any kind of the achievement of the academic to come into the U.K. without any kind of job offer.

    There is no doubt in the fact that the U.K. has become one of the most popular countries, and it will surely be a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation & creativity also. They have launched a new program where they are calling on the students to take the overall benefit of such a fantastic opportunity so they can forge their careers here.

    The U.K. has become home to a variety of ground-breaking start-ups. If you are searching for a more exciting & diverse place to live in, then the U.K. would be a reliable option for you. They have introduced a new route, where you will be able to bring the new skills after completing the graduation from the most popular & renowned universities like MIT, Stanford & MIT.

    This is going to be one of the most exciting & new routes that totally depends on the points-based immigration system that will be able to give priority to the ability & talent first. Bear in mind that this visa isn’t available for those who have already held the Graduate visa.

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    HPI visa holders can also apply for long term employment if they are meeting various important requirements. However, if any international pupils, including the students who are already doing a study into the U.K. at any kind of the prestigious university, then they are allowed to stay for approximately three years via a Graduate visa.

    The Government of the U.K. claims that these are new visas that is form part of a specific series of changes to the immigration system of the country after leaving the European Union.

    They have also introduced the new Global Business Mobility route that is continually simplifying & improving several routes to allow the businesses to expand. However, the scale-up visa route is also great because this is also continually supporting the businesses in the recruitment of the talent by allowing them to bring employees into the U.K.

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