Major express entry changes by IRCC

    express entry

    In the future, Canada might make invitations to candidates for express entry based on their occupation, education, and language.

    The government of Canada is planning major changes to the express entry system, where the immigration minister plans to invite candidates for express entry based on the economic goal of the country.

    Immigration spokesman Aiden Strickland said in an email to CIC News that these proposed changes would improve the ability to select applicants to meet Canada’s economic needs.

    “The increasing number of candidates seeking permanent residence will enable IRCCs to perform targeted draws aimed at queuing people with specific language skills and medical qualifications. “Strickland writes. “This will be important to address Canada’s labor shortage.”

    The changes are currently under discussion in the Parliament of Canada. On May 19, Philip Somogyvari of the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizens (IRCC) presented the proposed changes to the Standing Committee for Immigration and Citizenship, a committee of elected officials dealing with immigration issues in Canada.

    IRCC Secretary Somogyvari said the change would allow express entry candidates to be invited to new standards that support the economic goals set by the Immigration Minister.

    “Category membership eligibility requirements are determined by the Minister and may be based on factors such as work experience, educational background, language skills, etc.,” says Somogyvari.

    For example, if you want to use immigrants to support the growth of Canada’s technology sector, based on criteria such as having work experience in that sector’s profession and/ or having an associated education certificate. An Express Entry Candidate category will be created. IRCC can then send  invitations to the top-ranked candidates in that category.”

    Details of the draw, including its own eligibility criteria, will continue to be published on the IRCC website. The Minister also needs to identify the economic goals he wants to support and report to Congress annually on the use of those drawings. When asked by NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan which professions would be included in these draws, Mr. Somogibari said the government does not currently list professions.

    Currently, the Minister of Immigration cannot invite candidates from the Express Entry Pool who have specific work experience, educational qualifications, or French-speaking people directed to a minority community of official languages. It is subject to change if the proposed amendment to Section 23 of Bill C19 is passed.

    “For example, the change itself will allow the minister to focus on all French-speaking candidates in the Express Entry Pool,” says Somogyvari. “French-speaking candidates receive bonus points to increase their ranking score, but not all French-speaking candidates are invited to the pool at this time. Theoretically, by the proposed authorities, the Minister, If desired, the ministry can conduct an invitation round to invite virtually all identified French-speaking candidates from the Express Entry Pool. “

    The method for figuring out which agencies could be decided on remains being developed. Somogyvari stated the authorities could possibly make such choices after a session with organization agencies, stakeholders, the goals inside the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Employment and Social Development Canada, and provincial and territorial governments.

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    Express Entry:2022

    the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) are three major immigration programs under Express Entry.

    In order to immigrate by way of any of these programs, foreign workers shall express their interest in Canadian immigrants by completing the profile of the Express Entry System. Candidates for any of the three programs will receive a score based on work experience, educational background, language proficiency, age, and other factors. The IRCC invites the candidate with the highest score to apply for permanent residence.

    Presently, the IRCC has been holding invitation rounds only for candidates nominated by the State Nomination Program (PNP). Following the backlog of express entry applications accumulated during the pandemic, the IRCC suspended the FSWP invitation round in December 2020 and held a CEC draw in September 2021. For new applicants, it will be reset to 6 months.

    Somogyvari has confirmed that the changes do not affect existing or future processing time. Make sure that you are checking the Visa Dekho where you will able to get latest information about Canada Immigration.

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