Supervisa Latest Update – Canada To Increase The Length Of Stay For The Grandparents & Parents to 5 years!


    In the last update Supervisa, the minister of Immigrant will designate with so many international medical insurance companies where they will be able to offer a cover to the applicants of the Super Visa in the future. Moreover, they have also announced the biggest reforms to the Grandparents & Parents Super Visa.

    • In the latest changes, they are going to increase the overall length of the Super Visa Holders to five years according to the entry into Canada.
    • Folks who are the holder of the Super Visa they also have the option to extend their overall stay up to 2 years in Canada. It means the visa holder of the Super Visa will be surely able to stay in a country like Canada for five years to 7 consecutive years.
    • They are also going to offer full coverage to the holders of Super Visa applicants in the future.

    Right now, Holders of the Super Visa will be able to stay in Canada for a maximum of two years every entry. Moreover, Super Visa is considered a multiple entry visa which is valid for ten years.

    Currently, there are only a few Canadian insurance providers out there that are continually offering medical coverage for the holders of Super Visa.

    Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship (IRCC) has stated that they will be able to announce further important information at a later date.

    In the latest statement of IRCC, Canada issue more than 17000 Super Visas every single year.

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    Super Visa Is Best Alternative

    In the last ten years, Super Visa has already been offering one of the best alternatives to the Parents & Grandparents Program. The PGP is continually offering permanent residence; however, it has become one of the most popular visas. The overall demand for the sponsor has already exceeded the variety of pots available.

    IRCC got the interest from more than 200000 sponsors, but they are continually offering the 20000 immigration spots via PGP. Consequently, IRCC has also opened the window of the expression of interest for PGP & after that, they also held the lotteries to extend the invitations to apply for the permanent residence via PGP.

    Bear in the mind that Super Visa is available for those folks only who are passing the examination of medical & offering the proper proof of the private health insurance from a certified and trustworthy insurance provider only. Therefore, Super Visa Holders will be able to get the health care of an emergency in Canada without any kind of cost paid for by the taxpayers of Canada. Moreover, host grandchildren or children should meet the income requirements of the IRCCs.

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    Families are considered one of the most important parts of society in Canada. Therefore, the super visa program enables the members of the family to reunite for a longer in the Country like Canada, assist everyday citizens of Canada & permanent residents success & will able to contribute to the society. Therefore, they can easily spend valuable time with their family in Canada.