Recently Quebec Add Lots of Jobs To the 2022 Make Easy Process List


    Recently, the Government of Quebec has already expanded the list of the occupations that are currently eligible under Facilitate Labor Market Impact Assessment Process; however, they want to include entry-level Jobs.

    They have already issued a new list of high demand jobs for a process of hiring the temporary foreign workers that are made a little bit easier.

    Bear in mind that the overall process of hiring temporary foreign workers through various targeted occupations will be surely able to get lots of benefits from the process, which waives lots of important requirements usually needed via the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process like advertising a specific position.

    You will find a lot of employers who really want to hire a foreign worker under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) should firstly get the LMIA and specific document that will able to prove that there will be no Canadian who will be able to fill this position.

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    On the 24th of February of every single year, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration always reviews a specific list of the occupations that are already entitled to facilitate the process of LMI & they are publishing the latest version that totally depends on the current market labour requirements. Quebec has already issued two important updates for 2022.

    On 27th May, they added more than 60 occupations to a specific list of the occupations that are targeted for 2022-2023. This new list is packed with various Job titles, including workers in the restaurant, tourism, sales representatives & drivers & entertainment sectors also.

    To facilitate the LMI process, candidates will have to be approved by both provincial authorities & federal authorities. For this particular reason, employers who really want to hire a foreign worker will have to submit the supporting documents & application forms for both Social Development Canada (ESDC) & Employment.

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    Few new measures have been introduced by the Government of Quebec

    According to the professionals, Quebec is the only province that is attracting the lowest number of immigrants in the years. At the same, the unemployment rate of this province is an all-time low. There is no doubt in the fact that the fertility rate is continually declining. There are a few demographic changes out there that are creating an impact on the ability of employers to find out the employees.

    To address this specific situation, the Government of the Quebec has already taken a variety of important steps so they will be able to make it a little bit easier for every employer to fill the several positions by making some important changes in the overall hiring process & trimming down overall processing time for the applications of immigration via several programs.

    Recently a specific agreement between the Canadian federal government & Quebec Immigration Ministry allows the employers of Quebec to hire almost 20% of the temporary foreign workers according to the worker place. Previously, they had this specific percentage at 10%.

    They have also launched a new program that is known as International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) so they will able to accelerate the overall arrival of the foreign workers of Quebec that are selected by the Quebec who haven’t got the permanent residence from the Government of Quebec & who meet the requirements of labour.

    There are almost 7000 people every year who have already been selected by the province of Quebec as skilled workers; however, they are also eligible to get the open work permit & they will be able to initiate their job in Quebec.

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