This Summer, Canada Is Set To Welcome More Than 500,000 Immigrants

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    However, the Canadian Government is working very hard to attract more international students. Moreover, travel restrictions are completely lifted. Hence, Canada is set to welcome a considerable amount of international students, immigrants & temporary foreign workers in the upcoming months. The Canadian Government imposed several travel-related restrictions in March 2020.

    There were also a few exceptions, like those who get the approval of the study permit & permanent residence prior to several restrictions taking effect. A lot of people get the approval via the Temporary Foreign Worker Program before the Pandemic. They have lifted all the restrictions gradually.

    The Canadian Government has lifted several restrictions on temporary and permanent residents by June 2021. The pandemic has been completely over. This summer, Canada is launching new programs where they are going to attract almost 500000 immigrants.

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    Almost 130,000 Immigrants Land In The Q3 2022 In Canada

    Everything totally depends on the immigration level plan 2022-2024. The main aim of the Canadian Government is to land more than 432,000 new permanent residents this year. In the last year, the Government of Canada achieved such a great goal by prioritizing the landings of the applicants living in this country.

    Recently the data of the IRCC clearly depicts that the department is continually processing lots of overseas applications. For example, they are giving priority to the Federal Skilled Worker Program applications this year that are submitted by the applicants that are currently living abroad.

    This year is going to be fantastic for the Canada Immigrants because, in the first quarter of 2022, they have landed approximately 114,000 new permanent residents. In the Q3 of the previous year, the landing of Canada’s permanent residents increased considerably to 123,000 folks between July and September. This will able to be explained in detail by three important factors.

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    First of all, IRCC can easily ramp up the overall processing capacity. Secondly, they are also lifting overall restrictions the travelling on all the Permanent Residence Confirmation. Third, there will be a seasonal component to the immigration to Canada. You will find the majority of the folks prefer to enter during the summer months & warmer spring months. By Q2 and Q3, Canada experiences a substantial increase in the landings of permanent residents.

    These are three important factors that are going to influence the new permanent residence landings this summer. Moreover, we will be able to expect more than 100000 landings in Q3. However, IRCC is continually processing the applications in accordance with its immigration levels plan. Moreover, they are continually processing more and more applications that will result in approximately 40% more increase in landings.

    Moreover, the Canadian Government is experiencing more than a 20% increase in landings due to the weather warmer. Therefore, they are claiming that they will surely have a minimum of 130,000 new permanent residence landings this July & September.