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How to Write the best SOP For Canada Study Visa

SOP or a ‘Statement of Purpose’ is very essential if you want to get admission to a reputed Canadian university. In this case, many students attempt to write an SOP for Canada study visa. However, most of them fail to impress the universities.

You see, writing an SOP is not an easy task. Many people make some common mistakes while writing a ‘Statement of Purpose’. That’s why we will share how to write the right SOP for a study visa in Canada. Moreover, we will also cover the basics and importance of an SOP. So, let’s find out.

What is an SOP?

Before we dig deeper, we have to understand what is the basics of an SOP. It’s more essential if you don’t want to make any mistakes. In simple words, a ‘Statement of Purpose’ is an essay that includes the information that you want to give the university while applying.

In this long essay, you have to mention your personal information, your academic qualification, and the reason that makes you the right person for this course.

Importance of ‘Statement of Purpose’

SOP for Canada study visa

Now, you know about the basics of an SOP for Canada study visa. Before you learn how to write the perfect SOP, you have to know the importance of writing this essay. As we noted before, ‘Statement of Purpose’ is a crucial piece of document.

That will help you secure the chance of your admission. If your SOP is not impressive, it will also affect your admission process. It will highlight your skills, goals, and other related things to your career. On the other hand, you can start your academic year early by writing a good ‘Statement of Purpose’.

Top Tips to Write an SOP For Canada Study Visa

If you are ready to write a perfect  SOP for a Canada study visa, you must follow some crucial steps. In the following, we will cover the top tips to write a good ‘Statement of Purpose’. Let’s find out:

1. List Down Best Attributes

As we noted before, SOP is a long essay that showcases your ability and academic qualifications. That’s why you have to include the best attributes in this piece of document. Moreover, you also have to include the purpose to apply for that specific course.

2. Purpose of Selecting This University

SOP for Canada study visa

You might know that most international companies prefer those candidates who have done deep research. In simple words, you have to include the details of your preferred course and why you have chosen that one. Your university will appreciate your effort in this case.

3. Add Your Journey

As we noted before, your journey is the highlight of the SOP. In this case, you have to write down everything about your life including your journey, achievements, and turning points. Plus, you have to take care of the tone of the writing as well. Remember, this part of SOP will create a good impression.

4. Read and Edit

When you are done with drafting, it’s time to do the final touch. Make sure you read again and again. If you find any mistake, make sure you edit it before sending it. Hence, you can also get help from others for editing.


You see, writing an SOP ‘Statement of Purpose’ for a Canadian university is crucial. You have to take care of a lot of things. That’s why we have shared how to write a perfect statement of purpose in this guide. If you need more information, you can start your research online. Hence, you can also hire an SOP writing service.


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