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How to acquire a Singapore work Visa for Indians

Singapore is an independent city-state in Nautical South-east Asia and a city of dreams for many people. It has a business-friendly and lively environment, making it not just an exotic holiday destination but also a good place for working and staying. Those Indians who wish to stay and work in Singapore must have a valid Singapore work Visa for Indians, more commonly known as an Employment pass.

If Singapore employers take workers from India, they must ensure a work pass for their Employees. Different work passes are available for Indian workers depending on their eligibility. Employers must find out which is suitable for them and how to apply for them.

Common types of Singapore Work Visa for Indians

The most common work visa, also known as the Employment Pass, is for Indian professionals, executives, and managerial jobs. The candidates must have the required qualification and earn a minimum of $4500 per month. These are the two requisites to be eligible for the Employment Pass or Singapore work visa for Indians. Another common type of Singapore work Visa is the S-pass, which is applicable for the mid-level skilled staff. The candidate must meet the required criteria and earn at least $2500 for S-pass.

The procedure for a Singapore work Visa for Indians

In the process of getting the Employment pass or the S-pass, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:  

  • Submit an application form
  • Prepare for the worker’s immigration to Singapore
  • Get the work permit issued.
  • Register the photograph and fingerprints
  • Get the new permit or pass.
  • Return the card of the old employee.

However, the process of obtaining a Singapore work visa for Indians is not as simple as it appears. Many hurdles need to be crossed for getting the Singapore work Visa.

The Fair Consideration Framework in Singapore was constituted to prevent discrimination between Singaporean and foreign employees because of non-job-related issues. The rules of FCF were quite fair and flexible before 2018, but after that, it has become more stringent. Hence, acquiring a work pass in Singapore has become difficult and more expensive than before.

Singapore saw the biggest downfall in foreign workers in 2017 in the last 15 years. The Singapore government became more stringent, which led to many work permit rejections. The work permit rejections were intensified, by rising fees of the work pass application forms. The employment pass fee raised from $75 to $105. The application fee for S-pass also rose from $60 to $75. The cost of renewing work passes every year also went up. 

To prevent the chances of an application from rejection, the candidates must write more appeal letters to the concerned authority. The candidates must get screened before applying for a Singapore work Visa for Indians, according to the norms of the application type. It will reduce the chances of form rejection and save your money from wasting.

If you will continuously apply for a Singapore work visa without doing the homework, there are chances of continuous rejections. Repeated rejections mean wasting your money. If you write an appeal letter, against a failed rejection it will take a minimum of three weeks to get re-considered. Moreover, the appeals are not entertained by personal meetings. The applicants must write the required appeal, and re-apply by filling up forms. 

Any skilled and qualified Indian citizen who wishes to work in Singapore can acquire a work permit or Singapore work visa for Indians. First, he needs to get employed through an employment agency or by the employer directly. The applicant must be above 18 years of age and hold a valid passport. A tourist visa is a must for visiting Singapore. It is issued by the embassy that permits tourists a maximum of up to a month. It is valid for up to 2 years, which means it has multiple entry permits in Singapore. 


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