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Bali Tour Package- All you should include in your trip

Bali is one of the hottest favorite holiday spots of travelers. Tourists from all over the world love to visit Bali because nowhere in the world, you will find a diverse and contrasting destination like Bali. It’s an island with God-gifted natural beauty and a series of idyllic beaches, lush rain forests, intense green terraced rice fields, and exotic sunsets. This is not just all, as there is much more here to watch, explore and save a lifetime experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Bali a magnificent island paradise. Bali tour package can include a visit to beaches, temples, water sports, trekking, creative arts, yoga, meditation, delicious cuisines, and enjoyable nightlife. Visiting Bali means a never-ending adventure because something is here for every person to enjoy.

Bali is an island smaller in size than other destinations, but it is nonetheless than any interesting holiday spot. It has numerous beautiful places and incredible things to explore. There is so much to do that a single visit might not cover everything. Before knowing about all the best offers Bali has for you, it will be easier to plan a much more efficient Bali Tour Package. We can help you figure out where to go in Bali, what to do, and which are the most exotic destinations to visit.

Beaches in Bali tour Package

Amongst these beaches, the Kuta beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This exotic beach is known for its soft white sand, gentle surfing waves, and happening nightlife. It is more popular amongst young tourists and budget travelers because it offers cheap accommodation, cafes, and bars. The gentle waves of the Kuta beach make it an ideal place for surfing and learning. If you are interested in buying local souvenirs in Bali, numerous local vendors will be sitting along the beach and selling their local goods.

Because Bali is an island, you will find some of the most exotic beaches here. Each of Bali’s beaches is unique and can be called as best in the world. Beaches in Bali range from palm-fringed sand coasts in the South to cliff-guarded hidden beaches in the west. The most popular beaches in Bali are Kuta in the South; Padang and Uluwatu in the South-west; Seminyak and Nusa Dua at the upscale of the island. Your Bali tour package would be incomplete without visiting the beaches.

If you want to enjoy a sun-kissed beach which hosts several kilometers of sandy beaches, Seminyak Beach is the one. This beach unfolds on the outskirts of Kuta beach and trails up to the coastal ends of Canggu. This beach is a holiday spot in itself, with numerous clubs, bars, five-star hotels, and the best restaurants of Bali. The beach has golden sand makes it ideal for soaking in the sun. The gentle waves are perfect for surfing and learning surfing.

Temples in Bali

A trip to Bali is incomplete without visiting the temples of Bali. There are thousands of temples in Bali, known as ‘Pura’ in their local language.  Each Pura in Bali is unique, displays hundreds of years old architecture, and marks the highlands and coasts of Bali. Anyone visiting the Bali temples during their tour is sure to drop their jaws. The most visited temples are Tanah Lot Temple, the Uluwatu Temple, the Besakih Temple, and the Pura Tirta Empul Temple.

The Tanah Temple is the most visited religious place in Bali. It is included in almost all Bali tour packages. The Tanah temple is situated at the top of a rocky ridge in between the sea. It is connected to the land through a causeway and can be reached only when the tides are low. During the visit to this temple, you can also view a fascinating sunset.

The Besakih temple is considered the largest and the holiest temple of Bali. It is also often referred to as the “mother temple” because it is a grand complex of multiple temples and shrines located on the slopes of Mount Agung.

Adventure in Bali

Not just the temples and beaches, Bali has much more for tourists. A variety of exciting and fun activities are always on the go for tourists, which are sure to fuel up the adrenaline rush in their bodies. The tourists can enjoy river rafting, beach surfing, volcano hiking, snorkeling, trekking, and many more.

Sunrise trekking: The most popular adventure activity, in Bali, is early morning trekking to Mount Batur. The tourists get to see spectacular views of the sunrise. Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes of Bali, therefore it should be visited along with a registered, local guide.

River Rafting: River rafting seems to be an adventurous and challenging sport, and when it’s done in the Ayung River in Bali, the rafters experience the longest and largest rapids. The tourists also enjoy the view of wild and pristine jungles, sky-scraping gorges, and spectacular rice terraces. Anyone who enjoys the thrilling roller-coaster river rafting in Bali gets a lifetime experience.

Walkthrough the nature in Bali

If you want to enjoy nature, Bali has got some of the most beautiful creations of nature. It has central highlands with sudden volcanoes, waterfalls, serene lakes, dense forest mountains, coral gardens, and abundant marine diversity. Don’t miss including the view of the Tegalang Rice terrace in your Bali tour Package if you are planning to visit Bali. You will be viewing the most spectacular scene if you visit Bali from October to March, right after the monsoon. These rice paddies turn into an intense sea of foliage. You can also explore Nusa Penida Island, West Bali National Park, or walk through the sacred Monkey Forest for getting much closer to nature.

Art and Culture in Bali

It is always fun and inspiring to explore the historical heritage and local culture of a place that you are visiting. Bali is also a place filled with art and culture. To explore the Balinese culture, you can join a cooking class, take a trip to the artisans’ village, visit the museums and watch traditional plays and dance.

This was a list of a few destinations which can be explored and enjoyed within the Bali tour package. If you have more suggestions please let us know in the comment section.


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