Exclusive Features of Burj al Arab Jumeirah-The 7 Star Hotel in Dubai

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah - 7 star hotel in Dubai - Visa dekho
    Burj al Arab Jumeirah - 7 star hotel in Dubai - Visa dekho

    Looking for the best 7 star hotels in Dubai? If yes, The Burj al Arab Jumeirah is an amazing hotel in Dubai. It is one of the. Even though many people are not lucky enough to stay in the hotel, they can enjoy refreshments in its restaurants. Right from the establishment, the hotel décor has created a huge opulence and impact in the minds of people. But before going furthe i would highly recommend to take a 10 second overview of Burj Al Arab.

    Reservation Details and Budget to Enter the 7 star hotels in Dubai

    Visitors who want to access the Dubai hotel 7 star have to book a hotel room in advance by paying USD 15,00. Alternatively, you may reserve anyone from the hotel’s eateries. The hotel has eight restaurants and the Skyview Bar on its 27th floor is the popular option. Skyview Bar is famous for serving evening cocktails and afternoon tea while accompanying an excellent la carte menu. Especially, if you opt for evening cocktails, the expense would be a minimum of 250 AED per head.

    Location of the Hotel

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah – Bathroom of 7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    The mentioned Dubai 7 star hotel is on the island, which belongs to the coastal area of Dubai. One can access it by using a small bridge. However, the entry is available only for the local people or the ones, who reserve its bar or restaurant. Indeed, if you want to visit the hotel, you have to book in advance.

    Outside Area of the Hotel

    The outer area of this 7 star hotel in Dubai boasts a stunning fountain with the display of light and fire many times in the evening. Moreover, the hotel lit up at night with various color combinations to appear stunning even after it becomes old. The hotel has the design of a sail, which has the largest canvas piece attached to its front. Besides, the hotel has an attached helipad to its top to let you fly straight to the area you want.

    Inside of the 7 star hotel in Dubai

    Rooms of the Luxury Hotel

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah – Rooms of 7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    Inside of the Burj al Arab Jumeirah has exceptional quality rooms. Furthermore, each room has a 24×7 of call facility so that you can call a butler anytime you want. The rooms come in opulent style and each suite gives stunning views out to the Gulf of Arabia.

    Royal Suite-The Most Expensive Hotel Room

    The Royal Suite is the most expensive one, which is approximately 700 square meters. Other than this, the suite has its library, private elevator, and cinema hall. The Royal Suite has a decoration with lavish furnishings and innovative technology in the form of Plasma screen TVs. If this is not enough, the suite has an advanced technology-based hidden network, where you may operate curtains, lights, and ACs with a simple touch.

    Sky View Bar at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah – Bathroom of 7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    Sky View Bar at the hotel is one of the lavish spots located on the 27th floor of this luxurious hotel of Dubai. Whether you look at contemporary classic drinks or innovative cocktails, you will find creativity in the mixture of beverages. Other than a unique menu, a view of the bar gives you an overwhelming experience. Bar interiors are conversation-friendly ones and have live music in a line-up format to make sounds and sights perfect. Sky View Bar is the must-visit place for cocktail lovers or the ones who want to enjoy unique cocktail flavors.

    Bathroom of the Royale Bedroom Suite

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah – Bathroom of 7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    Royale Bedroom Suite of Burj Al Arab has a bathroom in opulent design and each of its bath areas has a spa/Jacuzzi and walk-in shower. The bathroom also has a complimentary decadent bath menu with aromatherapy-based bathing oils and pleasant music. An interesting aspect is that an attending butler prepares everything to give a warm welcome to the guests.

    Other Astonishing Facts of the 7 Star Hotel in Dubai at a Glance

    Taller than Paris Eifel Tower

    A unique fact of Burj al Arab Jumeirah hotel is that it is about 321meters i.e. approximately 14m taller than Paris Eifel Tower. However, it is about 60meter shorter than the famous building of the Empire State.  

    Located on a Human-made Island

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah – 7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    The mentioned 7 star hotel is about 280 meters off the shore and on a human-made island. Accordingly, guests can access it by passing through a bridge road of about 340meters long.

    Exclusive Eiderdown Duvets

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah hotel has included a few of the rarest and finest eiderdown duvets of the world. Abandoned eider duck nests harvest the down in Iceland. A single nest has approximately 15gram to 20gram of eiderdown and the government allows only 2000kg of it to harvest in a year. Hence, duvets are available at a very high price.

    Its Construction Took Total 5 Years

    Construction of the iconic landmark was started in the year 1994. Accordingly, designers created the island in two years and other three years to construct the luxury hotel.

    Tailormade Pillows for Guests

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah falls in the category of Dubai hotels 7 star because it offers a tailormade and extensive pillow menu for guests. A guest can choose from 17 different types of pillows to experience a blissful sleep during the night.

    Broken Guinness World Record Multiple Times

    Other than being one of the tall all-suite hotels worldwide, Burj al Arab Jumeirah broke Guinness World Record multiple times. Accordingly-

    • The hotel created a record for supplying one of the expensive cocktails at 27,321 AED.
    • In 2016, the hotel prepared the worldwide biggest caviar tins with the capacity of Empress Caviars of 17 kilograms. Here, Empress Caviars is the certified organic caviar belonging to native raised sturgeon.

    Includes 6 Different In-house Florists

    A team consists of six in-house florists dedicate about eight hours a day to arrange floral patterns in the hotel’s lobby. For this, florists ship flowers from different countries i.e. Thailand, Holland, South Africa, and Kenya. The team of florists always intends to include the favorite flower of the hotel’s special guests in the floral display section present in the lobby suite. This activity will create bespoke arrangements before the arrival of guests.

    Crystal Ceiling to Highlight the Milky Way

    The mentioned 7 star hotel in Dubai is home to the biggest crystal ceiling in the world. The ceiling of its Japanese restaurant named Junsui adorns about 21,000 stunning crystals to highlight the Milky Way. The complete installation is worth approximately 1.3 million AED.

    Interior Decoration with 24 Carats of Gold Leaf

    The interior area of the hotel has 24 carats of gold leaf spread in an area of 1790 square meters and it embellishes the opulent interior of the hotel. Excluding this, you will find gold in almost every nook and corner of the property. These include 10 million gold and azure-designed mosaic tiles, with gold in the design of elevator banks, and pools. Along with this, entrance to the iconic restaurant in aquarium theme i.e. Al Mahara has Oyster shell embellished in gold.

    Presence of Gold in Treats and Edibles

    Visitors of the 7 star hotel in Dubai will also find gold in its various treats and edibles. Especially, the hotel organizes its culinary program to treat with gold-focused edibles. You may indulge in the gold cappuccino served at Sahn Eddar i.e. the stunning atrium of the hotel. Here, you will get a sparkling Joe cup, which contains 100percent blended Arabica beans with luxurious 24 carats of hold.

    Later, the treat has additional gold flakes sprinkled in the shape of the iconic sail design of the hotel. If this is not enough, you will find the cappuccino milk as diffused with Italian gold flakes and gold sprinkles. Do not miss the lavish treat of Grand Cru Guanaja i.e. chocolate sprinkled marshmallow available with a mill-grinded form of gold.

    Usage of 24,000sqm Statuario Marble

    Designers have used Statuario Marble spread in approximately 24,000sqm area in the entire hotel area. The hotel features about 30 different types of Statuario Marbles decorated on its floors and walls. The marble was the same used by the famous artist of Italy named Michelangelo to create its famous sculptures along with the famous statue of David.

    First Human-Made Luxury Beach in the Terrace Platform

    Burj al Arab Jumeirah Luxury Beach in the Terrace -7 star hotel in Dubai – Visa dekho

    The terrace has about 10,000 square meters of the luxury platform. It features cabanas, 2 pools, and 1120 square meters of the beach area. Opened in the year 2017, designers have imported 1,000 tons of white sand. Experts have designed the terrace in a yacht production facility and cruise ship in Finland before they ship it to Dubai city in six different pieces. After this, designers have adorned two pools with about 10 million gold and azure trendy mosaic tiles.   

    Designated Turtle Hospital

    Another interesting aspect of this 7 star hotel in Dubai is that it deals with turtle rehabilitation projects in Dubai. The project treats injured and sick sea turtles by collaboration with a few of the leading organizations of the city. Until now, the program released approximately 1,600 rescued sea turtles in the Gulf of Arabia safely.

    Overall, whether you stay in the suite or enjoy a treat in the Sky View Bar, the luxury hotel will may your visit memorable.

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