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UK Study Visa – How To Apply, Eligibility Criteria & Important Requirements!

The UK has become one of the most popular study destinations for Indian students who really want to pursue their higher education and some of the world’s best universities. According to the researchers, more than 30,000 Indian students are going to you give for study purposes. If you also want to apply for a UK student visa, then all things totally depend on the choice of program and maintenance of funding. Make sure that you are following all the important rules and regulations and personal interview sessions. You need to clear a personal interview for the UK study visa.

According to the professionals, more than 95% of the students turn to pursue full-time courses, and they need Tier 4 for a student visa. If you also want to apply, you can study visa; then, you must pay attention to the following important requirements.

UK study visa important requirements

If you want to pursue further studies in the UK, then you need to apply for a tier 4 student visa. This specific visa is issued for those who are at least 16 years old. But eligibility for a UK study visa totally depends on the point-based system, and you will have to fulfill the following important requirements.

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Selection of the course

If you’re applying for a UK student visa, then it is highly recommended for every applicant to apply for the eligible course. If you’re Tier 4 visa applicant, then you will be able to pursue one of the following courses.

Type of VisaVisa DurationWho can ApplyApplication Fees
Short-term study visa6 months
11 months
Applicants over 16 years of age;
Enrolling in 6-month Short Course  in UK institution;
Enrolling in 11-month English Language Course
97 GBP for 6 months;
186 GBP for 11 months
Tier 4 student visa (General)Duration of the program + 1 monthApplicants over 16 years of age;
Enrolling in course longer than 6 months
348 GBP
Tier 4 student visa (child)Under 16: 6yrs + 4 months;
16-17yrs: 3 yrs + 4 months
Applicants aged between 4 and 17 years348 GBP

If you are already admitted to a specific university that is already approved by your visa and immigration, then you will be able to get a reference number or confirmation of acceptance for studies. Make sure that you are applying for the UK student visa within six months of getting the CAS.

You must have knowledge of English

Knowledge of English has become one of the most important parts of their academic assessment. If you’re already chosen tier 4 sponsors, then look at the university will be able to assess the level of English language competence as an important part of their Academy evaluation for their applied course. You will have to prove your overall knowledge of the English language by passing the secure English language test with CEF levels B1 and B2.

Level B14.043
Level B25.559
Level C17.076
Level C28.585

The majority of the applicants are taking the IELTS and PTE to fulfill the requirements. Applicants will have the above-mentioned scores in every single section, which is reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Show the funds for UK study visa

If you’re applying for Tier 4 UK student visa, then you will have to provide evidence of the funding so you will be able to pay the tuition fee course and monthly accommodation expense also for at least one year. If you’re playing for a UK study visa, then you will have to show the following important things.

  • You will have to get the official financial sponsorship
  • You must have sufficient funding to cover the remaining course in overall living costs

The oral amount of the funding you need to demonstrate totally depends on the overall category you are already applying under, the duration of the university and course, and your oral living arrangements in England. You will have to show the following things.

  • Make sure that you are showing the cash funds in the current or saving account.
  • You will have to show the loan letter.
  • You need to show the official financial sponsorship letter

Other important accounts such as shares, bonds, and overdrafts will not be used as evidence of funding. Make sure that you are making the Informed decision.

Immigration health service charge

If you’re applying for a UK student visa, then applicants will need to pay the health surcharge of 300 GBP every year. So they will be able to make the access UK’s National Health Service. The students will have to pay it at the time of visa application online. If you want to know more about student visas or you don’t have a sufficient amount of knowledge about it, then it is your responsibility to make contact with a certified and trustworthy visa consultant who will surely give your important information about them.

Important documents needed for UK study visa

  • Applicants will have to submit the details of their passports.
  • You will also have to attach the TRF of the test results
  • You need to come with specific proof of your financial sufficiency and that you have enough funds for the entire period of stay in England.
  • You need to also some passport-size photographs

How to apply for a UK study visa?

  • If you want to apply for the UK study visa, then it is your responsibility to enroll for the biometrics at the center of the visa application, so you will be able to get the biometric residence permit.
  • Now, you will have to submit the English test certificate
  • You will have to pay the processing fees of the visa, 348 GBP.
  • You will have to wait for the undertaking of an interview.
  • The outcomes of a UK study visa are notified within three weeks of the application only.
UK student visa priority service and processing time

If you want to get your student visa, then, first of all, you will have to fulfill all the important requirements like you need to submit the biometrics and, after that, submit your passport. As we have already mentioned in the above-mentioned paragraphs, the entire process takes almost three weeks. If you’re one who really wants to get a Tier 4 student visa, this is on the basis of a priority; then you must contact the visa application Center for the same. Currently, there are two kinds of priority visa collection services available.

Where in mind this kind of priority service for the UK visa is available in a few countries only, and India is one of them where you were able to make access to this service.

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