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How to get for scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students in 2022?

These days, the majority of the students are moving to Canada, and it has become one of the most popular studies abroad destinations. More than 642,000 students are already enrolling in a variety of programs available.

The best thing about Canada is that it isn’t expensive. Any student who needs to study in Canada but doesn’t have enough funds means to do they can apply for Canada’s many scholarships. Canada is continually conducting a variety of scholarship programs. They are providing scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students.

A lot of students are continually pursuing higher education in Canada & you can quickly apply for several kinds of funds available by universities, government, or non-governmental organizations. In case you want to pursue an MBA program in Canada and you need financial aid, then it can be difficult for you to get a scholarship.

 However, few students are getting an MBA scholarship in Canada according to their excellent academic & other important achievements that are relevant to the program. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students.

Types of Scholarships to study in Canada for India Students

Following are the types of programs of scholarships to study in Canada for Indian Students-

  • Non-Government Scholarships

Several charities, trusts & associations are continually offering several scholarship programs to the students following a specific course stream.

  • Canadian Government Scholarship

These are awards that are sponsored by the government, which inspired the students to study in Canada.

  • Institutional Scholarships

Several colleges & universities in Canada also feature various scholarship programs for those students who are already enrolled in their education.

Sometimes getting a scholarship can be a difficult task for a person, so students should apply for the scholarship before time. A student must initiate with scholarship process almost 8 to 12 months before selected intake starts.

What are the important requirements for applying for scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students?

As an international student, an applicant needs to meet such important requirements if you want to receive a scholarship in Canada. Moreover, the total eligibility for every scholarship you are selecting to apply can vary. There are a lot of important things which foreign students must be aware of-

  • Language proficiency

No doubt, English isn’t the first language of most foreign students, and gaining proficiency scores on an exam like TOEFL/IELTS automatically enhances the chances of getting a scholarship to study in Canada.

  • Academic Excellence

If you are one who is applying for a scholarship to study in Canada, then you should have powerful academic credentials. You will find a lot of so many grants totally depending on the merit that ensures financial aid will be offered to the deserving candidates only.

Government Funded Scholarship for Indian Student in Canada

There are varieties of best different scholarship programs are available to study in Canada for the Indian students, which are funded by the government & assist the Indian students in managing the overall cost of studying in Canada properly. Following are the best scholarship programs that are offered by Canada to Indian Students.

  1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  2. Vanier Graduate Scholarships
  3. IDRC Research Awards
  4. Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  5. Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  6. Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
  7. Canada- ASEAN SEED

FAQs regarding the scholarship to study in Canada for Indian Students

Q.1 is it really easy to apply for a scholarship in Canada?

Ans. No, it is a little bit difficult to get a scholarship in Canada. If you want to get a scholarship, then students must have a powerful profile, SOP, LOR & extracurricular.

Q.2 Are students can get a scholarship in Canada after the 12th?

Ans. If any student wants to get a scholarship in Canada after the 12th, then the student must have a minimum of 80% marks in the 12th class examination. Also, the parental income of the student shouldn’t surpass Rs. 4.5 lacs per annum.

Q.3 Can Indian students Study in Canada free of cost?

Ans. No Canada isn’t offering any university for Indian as well as Canadian students that are offering the education free of cost. However, Indians can easily get a scholarship that can be completely funded or get a full-tuition scholarship.

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