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Qatar Work Visa- top 5 Things you should know

Read out the details about Qatar work Visa?

Qatar belongs to one of the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf. Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are referred to as ‘Gulf Countries’. The Gulf countries are known for the abundance of oil and natural gas, the fastest growing economy, and the high living standards of people.

Another thing for which these countries are known is their requirement of workers to keep their economy growing. Each year thousands of Qatar jobs are advertised in countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and after getting selected they move to Qatar for work. You must have a Qatar work Visa before moving there for your job.

How to get started for Qatar work Visa?

Generally, you would need the following documents for Qatar Work Visa:

  • A suitably completed visa application form, approved by the Ministry of Labour in Qatar.
  • A medical certificate that proves that you are free of any disease.
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Passport-sized photographs, minimum of two
  • Your most relevant educational certificates.

Getting a Qatar work visa was tedious for Indians earlier, but it has become super easy. The difficult part here is getting a job in Qatar rather than getting a visa. Once you get a job, you are almost there. If you are searching for work in Qatar, you can acquire a tourist visa. If you are from India, you may not even require a tourist visa if you are staying for less than a month.

Qatar is the most open country in the middle east and offers visa-free entry of fewer than 30 days to the residents of more than 80 countries. India is one of those counties! However, for staying longer than 30 days, you will need a tourist Visa which is obtained by filling up a simple form.

You can go to Qatar on a tourist visa, apply for a job personally, and return as your tourist visa expires. If you get the job, you will get Qatar Work Visa from your employer as soon as you start working in Qatar.

Alternatively, you can apply online for the job. Some job applicants think that there are low chances of acceptance of online job applications. But the online application can lower your accommodation cost in Qatar. If you don’t have much acquaintance in Qatar, staying there for a month or more can be costly.

Work Residence permit in Qatar

If you get a suitable job in Qatar, you will have to obtain a work Residence permit, also known as RP. Your employer in Qatar is supposed to apply for it on your behalf. This process can take up to 30 days. During this period your employer will also arrange a temporary visa that will help your entry into Qatar.

Once you enter Qatar, you will also receive your work permit within a month. After receiving the work permit you can start working and your life will begin in Qatar. It is the employer’s responsibility to get it renewed every year.

The ‘Work Residence Permit’ has information about the employee residency status in Qatar. It includes the name, nationality, passport details, profession, and the employer’s name. It also has the details of the residence permit like its duration, expiry date, etc. 

The Qatar work Visa is also a kind of work permit and must be arranged by the employer. It is valid for one to three months and is useful for those who wish to work for a limited period. To obtain a Qatar work Visa, you will need the employment contract approved by the Ministry of Labour. The employee will work only for the company for which they have been employed, and once the job is over, they will be asked to leave the country immediately. To get a Full Work Residence Visa, you need to undergo a few medical examinations and fingerprinting tests. The current cost of this Visa is QAR 200.

Exit Visa

The Qatar employment bureau is always in favor of the employer instead of the employee, so you must obtain an exit visa whenever you want to leave the country. The exit visa is issued only by the consent of your employer after he terminates the job contract with you. The exit visa costs around QAR 10.


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