Express Entry Latest Draw – Catch All The Details!


    Express Entry

    On 7th July, IRCC announced the important information of the first “ No Program Specified’ or ‘All program’ Express Entry draw. This has become the first type of Express draw. They have held the draw after December 2020. On the official Twitter account of the IRCC & IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser has already confirmed that they are going to organize the draw at the start of July, which will be announced today.

    In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the important information about all programs of the Express Entry draw. They have held the draw after 1.5 years.

    A Total Number of Invitations Sent – 1,500

    Rank needed to be invited to apply – 1,500th or higher

    Date & Time of the draw – 6th July 2022

    The next draw of the Express Entry cut-off has already been projected at 550 according to CRS score distributions of the applicants in the pool of Express Entry as of 6th July 2022.

    Immigration Minister of Canada Sean Fraser claims:

    “Today, I am pleased to announce that Express Entry draws have officially resumed, and applications will be processed at our six-month processing standard. I look forward to welcoming skilled workers who will be essential in addressing Canada’s labour shortages.”

    All the draws of the Express Entry are already packed with the Express Entry profiles via Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), & Federal Skilled Trades (FST). There has not been any kind of program specified draw from 2020 December. The draw of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has already been put on hold from September 2021.

    Checkout the CRS Cut-Off Score Of Express Entry

    The minister of IRCC has already disclosed that these are draws that will be of similar size as they were before the pandemic. There are more than 5,000 invitations in the latest draw of the Express Entry, and CRS cut-off score will surely go as high as 550 or more. There have already been more profiles have already been created from 20th June in the anticipation draw of Express Entry. Therefore, the cut-off CRS score becomes a type of unpredictable.

    However, IRCC has already packed with lots of surprises & we will surely witness a significant number of invitations. Therefore, applicants can hope for the great.

    In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about the CRS score distribution of the applicants in the Express Pool as of 6th July 2022.

    CRS score range            Number of candidates  
    601-1200             669  
    501-600                       8,773  
    451-500             58,040  
    491-500              4,670
    481-490             8,227  
    471-480             17,617  
    461-470             15,522  
    451-460                        12,004  
    401-450              54,735
    441-450                        11,339  
    431-440              11,957  
    421-430             9,213  
    411-420            10,609  
    401-410            11,617  
    351-400            65,460  
    301-350            34,000  
    0-300               5,172  
    Total             226,849  

    Canada issued invitations for 636 PNP applicants under Express Entry