Canada could face the tough competition as Australia, UK & Middle East have already joined the tough battle for the migrants!


    After the COVID19 pandemic, every country across the world is continually working hard to attract some great talent to its shores. Moreover, the United States has become one of the most popular nations among the techies & students also, and they are already experiencing its neighbour Canada which has already become a one-stop destination for the immigrants. The job market is continually booming, and several pathways & offer affordable education.

    By 2021, Canada already offered permanent residency to approximately 100,000 students. Canada is the only country that has welcomed approximately 405000 new immigrants in its history. This is one of the most popular nations that is continually offering lots of benefits to the students.

    Canada is continually offering the quickest & easiest routes for the students through Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP).

    Recently, the Immigration Minister of Canada also announced the temporary policy that is continually giving an opportunity to the international graduates, and if your temporary status is expiring after completing the graduation, then you will have an opportunity to extend the stay so they will be able to gain more work experience & will surely have a great chance at qualifying for the permanent residency (PR).

    You will find the world is continually emerging from the haze of pandemics, and the majority of the countries are continually searching for immigrants to take up the jobs in their industries. They are setting up the new businesses & eventually settle down.

    After the COVID-19, things are continually changing. Hence, Canada is continually facing tough competition from the well-developed countries such as Australia & UK, especially in terms of the different kinds of post-graduation work opportunities. The majority of the countries are continually offering lots of post-graduation work opportunities to the students. Canada has become a best place where you can easily get the permanent residency in the limited time.

    However, some great work opportunities & right route to getting citizenship are already driving a considerable amount of the population to these countries.

    Changes Offered by the UK & Australia

    Recently, the United Kingdom also offered the new post-study graduate Route, and they are continually allowing the eligible students to stay back for a maximum of three years after completing their studies in the UK. It is also predicted that they are also launching the High Potential Individual (HPI) visa this month.

    This has become one of the most popular new visa pathways that will be aimed at attracting a considerable amount of high-skilled workers that can easily boost the overall value of the economy. All things totally depend on the level of degree.

    Applicants will never require a sponsorship & or job offers & holders of this visa will surely be completely free to come to the UK to work. They will be able to set up as volunteers & self-employed.

    Australia is also offering flexible work visas for those who have completed their graduations. Undergraduate students who are already studying in popular cities such as Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane will be able to work for two years. Masters students will surely be able to work for almost three years & Doctoral students will be able to work for four years.

    If you are already studying in the other cities in Australia like Perth, Adelaide & Canberra, they will be able to extend your work-study visa by almost two years; that totally depends on the course of study & location.

     How is the middle East rising?

    The hype for the study abroad category is continually getting a rise. You will find Dubai is also getting the popular that has become home to a variety of American & British universities also, where pupils will be able to complete their degree at a limited cost they will have to bear at US or UK campuses.

    These are some great campuses that are continually gaining popularity among the Indians searching for global exposure but will not be able to afford the higher cost education of America & Europe. Make sure that you are checking the visadekho where you will get latest news.