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Explore the Maldives with Maldives Honeymoon Package for 7 Days


The Maldives is home to amazing beaches and beautiful resorts to become a preferred destination for tourists. In particular, couples looking for a unique place for their honeymoon must visit the exotic country of Maldives. Only, you have to get the Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days available for honeymoon tourists. The package allows you to get luxurious accommodations, have tasty food, get entertainment, and travel to any place of your choice. Besides honeymooners, Maldives is an ultimate destination for family members and friends. The reason is that the Maldives is a single big island, which consists of several small islands. A few of the must-visit islands for honeymoon tourists are-

Como Cocoa Island

Maldives honeymoon

Como Cocoa Island is a beautiful island and a sought-after place in the Maldives. Get your Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days to visit the island consisting of 33 different water villas. Here, you get delicious foods to enjoy with your newly married partner. Moreover, the island allows plenty of rejuvenating activities, like snorkeling, and diving. The soothing ambiance and calmness make the destination the best tourist-friendly place. Hence, Como Cocoa island is the perfect place for honeymooners to spend their special moments together. 

Filhalhoni Island

Next, the Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days will take to Filhalhoni Island, recognized as a beautiful island of Maldives. The island has stunning beaches, where travelers have a pleasant time with family and friends. Furthermore, newly married coupled experience relaxing vibes with each other. If this is not enough, bays and waterfalls are there for wonderful sightseeing. If you want to involve in adventurous activities, you may participate in snorkeling and kayaking activities. You will find many small villages and towns, where you get a glimpse of the local people. 

Baros Island

Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days
Maldives honeymoon

Baros Island is a popular and must-visit place in the Maldives. It lets you explore beautiful corals, sun-kissed beaches, natural elegance, and boutique luxury resorts. If you are an adventure spirited couple, you must get a Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days. The package lets you enjoy plenty of water sports at the most affordable price. Besides, you will see the beauty of cyan blue water in the surrounding area and visit relaxing spas there.

People approaching here will get many things to explore for the entire day and be a part of the entertainment. Alluring crystal blue water makes the island perfect to participate in adventurous activities including water sports. Each of these activities makes Baros Island a desirable place for worldwide travelers.

Emboodhu Finolhu Island 

Emboodhu Finolhu Island is home to 55 elegant water villas in the shape of flower buds. The island has the famous Taj Exotica Resort. Here, tourists may pamper with plenty of amenities combined with 5-star accommodation facilities.

Complete pleasure and relaxation in the offered services make Emboodhu Finolhu Island a popular place among tourists. Get the best Maldives honeymoon package for 7 days to visit the busiest island of the Maldives with the arrival of a maximum number of tourists yearly. 

Sun Island

Maldives honeymoon

Sun Island is also a gorgeous island of the Maldives. It has many alluring beaches, greenery, and tropical flowers spread all around to become a dream destination for honeymooners across the world. The beaches of Sun Island entertain many adventurous activities to give entertainment to tourists.

The island also arranges accommodations with many luxurious facilities available at affordable prices. The place is a heaven for a large number of honeymoon goers. The environment suits well to share love feelings and create memories lifetime in the lap of mother nature. 

Male City 

The beautiful Male City in the Maldives is the liveliest and the biggest hub in the Maldives and an excellent tourist attraction. In particular, you must visit the North Male Atoll located in the southern area of the Kaafu Atoll. Several years ago, the city was a Mahal for the Royal Dynasties.

Later, it has become popular as the famous King’s Island. The destination has a few of the best zones for tourists. These are Dive Club Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque, Male National Museum, Underwater Scooters, and many others. Each of the destinations gives a huge worth to the time and money spent by honeymoon tourists.


Every newly married couple dreams to have a memorable honeymoon after their wedding day. The honeymoon has a craze among newlywed couples, as the atmosphere remains filled with full of romance and love. Hence, honeymooners need a perfect place to spend together. Luckily, Maldives is an excellent destination for honeymooners and other tourists across the world. 


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