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Louvre Museum in Paris- Home to Mona Lisa Painting and Fine Arts of Western Civilization


Do you want to explore the fine art collections of Western Civilization? If yes, you must take a tour of the famous Louvre Museum of Paris. Here, you will find extensive galleries and a few of the famous masterpieces on display.

The museum is famous for its Mona Lisa painting drawn by the world-renowned artist named Leonardo da Vinci. Here, we have discussed a few of the famous art collections of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Simultaneously, you get a brief of the world-renowned museum.

Les Noces de Cana

Veronese or Paolo Caliari designed the painting of Les Noces de Cana in the year 1563. However, later, Benedictine San Giorgio commissioned it in Venice. As the largest painting of the museum, it is 6m tall and 10m wide. The canvas covers the entire gallery of the Louvre Museum starting from its floor to its ceiling. Paolo created this painting for decorating a refectory belonging to the Venetian monastery.

Les Noces de Cana

Moreover, the painting is a masterful composition to highlight Cana’s biblical wedding scenes in Galilee. An interesting event of the biblical wedding scene was Christ does the miracle to convert water into wine. Other than the remarkable composition of about 100 figures, the painting looks harmonious as well.

Venus de Milo

Other than the Mona Lisa painting, Venus de Milo is the Galerie des Antiques of Louvre Museum. Clad in marble of red colour, it is a sumptuous gallery of the 19th century. Historians call this alluring statue as Aphrodite and it highlights the ideal beauty of Greek people.

Created during 100 BC, the goddess statue highlights the stylization of the Hellenistic Period during its later years. The statue has a balanced composition, which makes it a masterwork. Other attractions include the sense of its space and the falling of draperies on the Goddess.

Mona Lisa Painting

Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci is the prime attraction, for which tourists travel to Paris and visit the famous Louvre Museum. For a long time, the masterpiece has remained a subject of debate about the aspects, which make it the most renowned painting in the world.

Mona Lisa painting

A few scholars perceive the painting as famous for its sense of mystery. Even though identity is unclear, the portrayed woman is Lisa Gherardini, who is the wife of a Florence-based silk merchant in Italy.

The painting has its French name as La Joconde and Italian name as La Gioconda. Another appealing feature of the celebrity highlighted in this painting is her enigmatic smile that symbolizes happiness. If you want to know more about the Mona Lisa painting, we suggest you follow a small walking tour to the museum in a group headed by a knowledgeable tour guide.

Victoire de Samothrace

Want to view the Hellenistic art masterpiece along with the famous Mona Lisa painting, view Victoire de Samothrace. The monumental and classical sculpture is present at the top of the grand staircase Daru of the museum.

Victoire de Samothrace

Recognized as Winged Victory, the monument can captivate visitors while turning the corner. In this way, you get a glimpse of the winning statue. An interesting aspect is that the monument portrays the Goddess figure accurately.

Visitors believe that the artwork dated back to 2000 years before the launch of 3D graphic modelling and photography. Along with this, artists have used rendered sculptural details to make the Goddess as seemed to drench in water. Besides, the light fabric effect gives a realistic effect of the Goddess clothes.

Overview of Louvre Museum in Paris

Recognized as the worldwide largest museum, Louvre Museum is home to Mona Lisa painting, more than thousands of masterpieces and artworks. Each of the artworks highlights the diverse culture of different countries across the world. 

Louvre Museum in Paris- Mona Lisa Painting
Louvre Museum

The museum has 73,000 square meters of exhibition space and has three different sections/wings named Sully, Richelieu, and Denon. Each wing has approximately 70 rooms to display artwork objects and paintings. Moreover, you will find many halls with beautiful sculptures. Before the museum, the building was a palace of various French kings in Paris.  


Travelling to Louvre Museum is necessary while going for a tour to Paris. With rich art and cultural heritage, Louvre provides insights into each masterpiece to give you a wonderful experience.


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