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Dubai videos Reveal 9 best Landmarks of Dubai


Dubai of the United Arab Emirates has many awe-inspiring landmarks to ooze history, luxury, and culture. Each of the city’s landmarks gives you a lifetime experience to indulge while visiting a luxurious but small city. Here, you will know a few of the landmarks, as revealed in different Dubai videos shot by the Drone.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a preferable landmark for all who want to view the difference between the old and new Dubai. The frame is exactly between the old neighbourhoods and the modern area of the city. Heightened at 150 meters, the picture frame is the latest addition to the Dubai skyline.

Dubai Frame

Many tourists flock to Dubai Frame to capture memorable pictures. While entering the frame, you will find a series of historical galleries to explore the rich culture and heritage of the Emirates. Simultaneously, there is a viewing deck, from where one can take pictures of Dubai City on another side. You may visit a museum named Future Dubai Gallery, which highlights the future aspiration of the city.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa standing at about 2,172 meters is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Recognized as Jewel of Dubai, the landmark is in Downtown Dubai and is near Dubai Mall. If you follow Dubai News regularly, you may know that the skyscraper has the tallest observation deck in the city.

Burj Khalifa

Tourists may travel up to the 124th floor for marveling at stunning views of the city from the deck. Moreover, history buffs may know the history of the Burj Khalifa right from its concept to its construction.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is in Downtown Dubai and is a prime location, which acts as an entrance to Burj Khalifa. It is also home to Dubai Aquarium, recognized as the biggest indoor aquarium. Dubai videos highlight the mall as a famous tourist place, where tourists may enjoy plenty of shopping activities. The mall has a massive layout and lets you buy varieties of miscellaneous items and clothes by simply wandering its hallways.

Alternatively, Dubai Mall has many shops offering you several branded items of the world. This aspect has made the landmark a symbol of luxury in Dubai City. The mall even has a hallway containing luxurious brands on its ground floor to get an exclusive walk-through experience. Dubai Aquarium is another attraction here, as it has approximately 140 aquatic animal species with rays and sharks.

Dubai Fountain

Indeed, travelers attending Dubai Expo 2020 will view fountains, waterfalls, and light shows in the famous Al Wasi Plaza. However, if you want to view the largest fountain, you should never miss visiting Dubai Fountain.  Known as a famous landmark of the city, it is on a human-made lake at Burj Khalifa and is near Dubai Mall. The fountain becomes a center of attraction every night, as it organizes light shows and water dance. What is better than enjoying traditional Dubai Videos and music by watching light and water dance?

Global Village

The Global Village is also a Dubai attraction, which you may visit only between November and May. If you look at Dubai videos, you will find that Global Village is a popular theme park. The park organizes many stalls highlighting products of different countries of the world. Hence, if you feel nostalgic, you may spot clothes and food items from your home country while touring Dubai. Besides, photographers may take pictures near the miniature pyramids found at the Egyptian stall.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular and natural landmark of Dubai. The garden is in an area of 72,000 square meters and has approximately 150 million flowers across the exhibits. An interesting aspect of the garden is that it features miniature versions of famous buildings of the city. The miniatures remain covered with different types of flowers or consist of beautiful flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden of Dubai is home to a three-domed butterfly garden, where you may view butterflies of different species. If this is not enough, you will find full-size houses covered with a flower pyramid and other stunning flowers. Whether you love artwork or flowers, Miracle Garden is an excellent place to spend afternoon time in the city.

Palm Islands of Dubai

Creating own islands with land reclamation and other intensive methods is a favorite activity among Emiratis. However, this activity and hobby of local area people have created a famous landmark in the city. The Palm Jumeriah is a type of artificial archipelago designed across the Persian Gulf edge. The archipelago Palm Jumeriah has many other islands referred to as Palm Islands. Each of the islands expands the shoreline of the city by approximately 520 kilometers.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Greek highlights the glimpse of the city before it has undergone modernization. While browsing Dubai videos online, you will find Dubai Creek contains various local markets refer to as souks. Here, you will also find dhow boats lining the shores with many goods ready to export to various countries.

Souks sell here almost every type of item from different areas of Dubai. Other than that, Textile Souks, Gold Souks, and Gold Spice are available in the area. Accordingly, you get complete access to expensive shopping for the entire day. Even there are many boats available to take a tour across different areas of water.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a famous landmark of Dubai and is an exclusive beachfront area surrounded by many towering skyscrapers. JBR i.e. Jumeriah Beach Residence is the popular section of Dubai Marina. Dubai videos show that JBR organizes water sports and lets visitors enjoy stunning water views. Excluding this, there are various places to have snacks and experience fine dining across the beach. Particularly, you will enjoy Turkish ice cream and seafood while you walk across the beautiful area of Dubai.


Whether there are grand shopping malls, ski-slopes, museums, or aquariums, there are several landmarks to explore in the city. Therefore, visit Dubai Videos at least once in your time to get a glimpse of old Dubai with its stunning skylines and tall buildings. 


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