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A Memorable Tour to the Interiors of Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai City

Do you want to experience a pleasant to the iconic hotel of Dubai named Burj Al Arab Jumeriah tour even without booking a room for you? A few curious visitors had booked afternoon tea there. Afternoon or evening tea was one of the ways for many non-hotel guests to explore the architectural marvel present on Jumeriah Beach Road. However, the scenario will change in the upcoming months.

Accordingly, from October 15, Dubai tourists may experience a butler-guided Burj Al Arab Jumeriah tour for 90 minutes to the renowned hotel interiors. The organizers have named the tour Inside Burj Al Arab. It will highlight many untold stories related to the hotel. If you are one of the UAE tourists or traveling to the Emirates to attend Dubai Expo 2020, you must include the hotel on the list of places to visit in Dubai. 

Design Idea and the Hotel Construction 

The idea behind the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah is interesting for tourists. In October 1993, British architect Tom Wright developed a new theme to design the hotel. He was sitting on the terrace of the adjacent Chicago Beach hotel by facing the sea.

Burj Al Arab Jumeriah Dubai

During this time, he watched many boats sailing in seawater. Hence, Mr. Tom Wright was inspired by the unique shape of sailing boats, which makes the hotel an unmissable spot on the skyline of Dubai. Another interesting part of the story is that Mr. Tom drew the hotel design in a paper napkin by sitting on the 25th floor of the Chicago Beach hotel in its small frame. 

Mr. Wright and his team started the construction of Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in 1994. After five years, the local area people recognized it Burj Al Arab. It translates to the Arabs’ Towers. Today, the boat-shaped hotel has become the worldwide frequently photographed superstructure and one of the jewels in the skyline of Dubai. 

What Makes the Hotel a Seven Star Luxury Hotel?

The all-suite Burj Al Arab Jumeriah hotel challenges the regular norms of a hotel design. Furthermore, it redefines the meaning of hospitality and luxury in Dubai and other countries of the world. 

Burj Al Arab Jumeriah

Many people of Dubai and the city tourists call it a seven-star and luxury hotel. The hotel is an expression revealed by a famous journalist while reviewing the newly opened hotel in the year 1999. You will get a glimpse of a luxury hotel right from the beginning of the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah tour. Accordingly-

Welcome Drink

A ticketing counter near the Jumeriah Beach Hotel will greet you with a welcome drink. It is the sister property of the renowned Burj Al Arab Jumeriah. 

Buggy Ride

Once you enter the hotel, a buggy ride will take you to different areas of the luxury hotel. The buggy driver is not only polite but possesses good knowledge of Burj Al Arab. He will let you go from the gates of the hotel. 

Vantage Point

The vantage point will be the first stop by entering the hotel. Here, a high-tech camera clicks your picture with a backdrop of the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah. Tourists may collect the picture while ending their tours. 

Marhaba Welcome 

The buggy driver drops tourists at the entrance of the scheduled hotel. Once you step in, you get a warm welcome from two hosts of the Emirates. They will offer you rose water, hand towels, Arabic dates, and Arabic coffee. Local area people call it the Marhaba welcome and it indicates hospitality, which is a deep-rooted value in the culture of the Emirates. The hotel staff puts their best efforts to give a memorable experience to visitors.  

Interior Attractions of the Hotel 

Burj Al Arab Jumeriah

Decoration with Gold Leaf and Swarovski Crystal 

Burj Al Arab interior designers have used about 2,000 square meters of the area to embellish its opulent interior with 24 carats of a gold leaf. Besides, the interior area is home to the largest crystal ceiling of Swarovski found in the world. The ceiling consists of more than 21,000 crystals and it resembles the Milky Way. What would be more exciting than getting a glimpse of the white galaxy in the interior of a luxury hotel in Dubai? The cost of the installation is Dh1.3millions. 

Statuario Marble

Approximately 24,000 square meters of the area has Statuario marble to enhance the hotel’s interior décor. Michelangelo, an Italian artist used this marble for creating most of his famous historical sculptures, including the famous David statue. Moreover, the lobby of the hotel has fountains, which you can never afford to miss on your tour.

Elaborated Flower Arrangement

Elaborated flower arrangement is another interesting thing, which you cannot miss at the entrance of your Burj Al Arab tour. A team consisting of six expert florists has dedicated eight hours to create a unique flower arrangement in the lobby. These florists have shipped flowers from different countries of the world. They are South Africa, Kenya, Holland, and Thailand. You will always find flowers in the hotel suites regardless of the number of guests or occasions.  

Additional Features of the Hotel Interiors

Khuan Chew, a famous interior designer of China is responsible for producing distinctive interiors of the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah. She has been drawn by inspiring from different cultures and sights of Arabia. She used vibrant color palettes for designing various areas of the hotel interiors. Another appealing feature is that different colors reach the ceiling. The colors represent different elements, i.e. water, earth, fire, and wind. Here, you will get a panoramic view followed by an escalator to move forward to the hotel’s Royal Suite.

Royal Suite of Burj Al Arab

Your Burj Al Arab Jumeriah tour will take you to explore the Royal Suite of the hotel. 

A butler associated with the tour of the hotel interiors opens the door of the Royal Suite. The butler will announce, “We welcome our guests to the Royal Suite and we are expecting your arrival and wonderful experience.” In other words, the Royal Suite gives you a grand entrance in a hotel room.


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