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6 Tips for a Better Las Vegas Nightclubs Experience

Las Vegas nightclubs are an experience like no other. It’s the kind of place where you can dance the night away, meet new people and have fun. If you’re planning a visit to Las Vegas, check out at least one of the city’s many nightclubs. They are known as Sin City for a reason! You can do plenty of things to prepare yourself in advance to have a better time while you’re there.

Here are some tips to make sure that your Las Vegas nightclubs out goes smoothly:

  • Research and Plan Ahead

Spend some time looking over the different club options. You’ll find plenty of information on their websites and review sites like Yelp. Read up on the dress codes and what types of music they play. Some are hip hop, others are more EDM or pop-centric. Knowing this in advance will help you decide which ones will be the most fun for you.

If you are traveling to Las Vegas nightclubs for a special event like a bachelor party or concert, you need to try and get into VIP access and bottle service, so you don’t have to wait in line or fight crowds at the bar. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience with fewer people, consider booking your private table instead of hanging out with hundreds of others in the main areas.

  • Choose the Right Night to Party

Many visitors to Las Vegas do not realize that clubs are much more crowded on weekends. You will likely have to wait in line longer and pay a higher cover charge. You can usually walk right into most clubs on weekdays with little to no wait, though sometimes there may be a short line. The best days to go are Tuesday through Thursday since there is less traffic and many clubs offer specials on those nights.

  • Try to Get on Guest Lists

Many of the most popular Las Vegas nightclubs have guest lists that offer free entry, discounted drinks, and other perks. Contact the club in advance and ask how much it costs to join a guest list to get on one of these lists. If you don’t mind paying to get on a list, it may be worth it because it can save you money over buying an individual ticket at the door.

  • Budget your Party

Unless you are on an expense account, clubs aren’t cheap! Expect to pay $5-20 per drink depending on what you order, and then there’s the entrance fee; sometimes it’s free, but usually, it ranges from $20 – $50 per person. If you think about it, that’s not so bad compared to going out in most cities on a Friday or Saturday night!

  • Arrive Early

Some people want to be fashionably late when they go out at night, but that isn’t usually a good strategy at Las Vegas nightclubs. The lines for these clubs can be excessively long during peak times — especially on weekends — so arriving early will help you avoid long wait times.

Additionally, many nightclubs offer free admission before 10 p.m., but lines build quickly, so get there early if you’re not on a guest list. Otherwise, plan to pay a cover charge or have your hotel concierge arrange for free entry. Check out the clubs’ websites for details and special offers, including drink coupons and reduced-price admission during the week.

  • Get Dressed Up

Most Las Vegas nightclubs don’t have strict dress codes, but certain clothing items will definitely help you get into the club faster if there’s a line outside. For men, it’s just about looking neat and presentable with nice shoes and a collared shirt. Heels are required for most clubs for women, although flats can be worn at Tao or Lavo. Women typically dress to impress in cocktail dresses or skirts and blouses.

The Bottom Line

It seems that nightclubs have a certain mystique about them: the flashing lights, the loud music and pulsating bass, the beautiful people dancing to the rhythm, and of course, all of the alcohol involved. Whether you are a local, a fan of electronic dance music, a tourist or just someone who wants to have a good time, these tips can help make your Las Vegas nightclubs experience more enjoyable.


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