Sean Fraser: New pathways for Temporary residency to permanent residency

    Sean Fraser

    IRCC Minister Sean Fraser

    IRCC Minister Sean Fraser stated that IRCC is preparing to create a new route from TR to PR. This program will help facilitate the process of converting new entrants to Canada with temporary residence permits into permanent residents. He further stated that the new program would not resemble the road from TR to PR last year. He added that the new program would be a more permanent route for temporary Canadian residents.

    This provides a clear path for Canadian applicants planning to come as temporary residents. He also stated that he was working under a tight time frame of 120 days set by Motion 44, which was approved by the House of Commons in May 2022.

    On May 11, 2022, the House of Commons passed a motion 44 Permanent Resident (PR) for a majority of temporary foreign workers. The motion was made by Randeep Sarai on January 31, 2022, through a notice to the House of Commons (Canadian House of Commons).

    Sean Fraser

    This application seeks a permanent resident route for temporary foreign workers, including international students, to have significant work experience in Canada in the area of sustained labour shortages.

    In a Radio Canada interview, IRCC Minister revealed that IRCC is working currently looking for the best way to create a permanent path for temporary residents.

    “In fact, we want to find a framework for creating this new permanent resident route, not only for international students but also for temporary foreign workers,” he said.

    He further states: But actually having a permanent path that provides a straightforward way for those who can enter Canada for permanent residence.

    This is a good sign that the Liberal Government is working towards Motion 44. If the IRCC finalises the details with a 120-day deadline in mind, temporary residents may hear plans for a  new pass to obtain permanent residence in Canada by the fall of 2022.

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