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What is CELPIP? How can you clear the CELPIP in the first attempt?

The popularity of the CELPIP exam is at its peak. The majority of the folks appear for the CELPIP exam. CELPIP is considered as Canadian English Language Index Program that is a general English language proficiency test. This test enables the test takers to disclose their overall ability to function in English.

The test precisely, accurately & clearly assesses the overall abilities of the test-takers in English in a variety of everyday situations.

This is already considered one of the easiest exams where you will have to disclose your English abilities in everyday situations like interacting with your friends, proper communication with co-workers & other things.

Therefore, if you are focusing on these important things, then you can easily clear the exam on the first attempt. In the following crucial paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about CELPIP and a few strategies that will help you in clearing the exam on the first attempt.  

Why must you appear in the CELPIP exam?

CELPIP has become Canada’s leading English test for professional designation and immigration. If you appear for the this exam, then you will be able to get the following benefits-

  • Quick Result

The best thing about CELPIP is that you will be able to make the access results in approximately 4 to 5 calendar days only after the test day. However, if you appear for the IELTS, then you will have to wait for almost 14 days for the results.

  • Computer Delivered

If you appear for the CELPIP, then it can be done in a single sitting & also packed with a few features like a spell-checker, word counter & personal timer also. However, if you want to achieve a good score on an English test that will help you in fulfilling the eligibility criteria for a Canada visa, then CELPIP can be a reliable solution for you.

  • Single North American Accent

The majority of the folks are clearing the CELPIP exam on the first attempt because of vocabulary taken from everyday situations. This exam is really easy, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Types of CELPIP Tests

There are two types of CELPIP tests that are represented below-

  • General Test
Listening  47-55 MinutesListen to passages & answer questions.
  Reading55-60 MinutesRead the passage & answer the questions properly.
  Writing53-60 MinutesRespond to questions with written answers.
  Speaking15-20 MinutesReply to on-screen prompts verbally.

If you are applying for the permanent residence application or any professional designation in Canada, then you will have to appear for the CELPIP general test. This test evaluates the overall capabilities of the test taker in different forms like English reading, listening, speaking & writing skills. If you are appearing for the CELPIP general test, then you will have to pay $280 + taxes.

  • IRCC Approved for PR status
  • Single 3 Hour Testing sitting
  • General LS Test
Listening47-55 MinutesListen to passages & answer the questions
Speaking15-20 MinutesReply to on-screen prompts verbally

`A lot of people are also appearing for the CELPIP General LS Test, where test-taker also evaluate their English listening & speaking skills. This is also the easiest exam where they are using for professional designation & citizenship application. If you appear for the test, then you don’t have to give writing and reading test. If you want to appear for the test, then you will have to pay $195 + Taxes only.

  • Single 1-Hour Test Sitting
  • IRCC Approved for Citizenship Test

Which country is accepting the CELPIP?

This test is proven to be one of the great language tests for professional designation & immigration purposes. This particular test is approved by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the variety of immigration streams & permanent residency as well. The majority of the organizations are accepting the such exam in Canada.

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