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Apply for Canada Study Visa in 2022 & Secure Your Future in Canada

A highly developed country like Canada comes with an extraordinary reputation. The hype of folks traveling to Canada has continually been increasing in the last few years, but a lot of people wonder how they can get a visa.

This country has become an ideal destination for study for international students. They are accepting international students in three intakes like January intake, May intake & September Intake. Therefore, if you are also thinking of applying for a Canada Study visa in 2022, then you need to focus on Canada study visa requirements.

Moreover, Canadian universities are ranked in the top 100 across the world. Approximately 100,000 international students enroll in the best Universities of Canada annually.

Canada is a highly developed country that features high-end quality & research-oriented education that is being recognized across the world. This is one of the safest & secure countries that offers a multicultural environment to their students.

The majority of the folks are applying for Canada study visa because the fees of Canadian universities are far cheaper as compared to the United Kingdom and the United States, which is continually making attractive to the students. Every international student must apply for a student permit & visa prior to migrating to Canada for study. 

If you want to be eligible for a Canadian student visa, then you must be meet the essential requirements of the Canadian Immigration Law and Regulations under the normal conditions. If you are applying under the SDS category, then it will take approximately four to six weeks for your Canada student visa to be further processed.

Reason why you should apply for Canada Study Visa?

Canada offers a top-notch quality education at a nominal fee of tuition with degrees that are globally approved. Add to it best immigration opportunities, higher living standards & post-study work. Canada already stands out as one of the most popular countries for study among Indian pupils. If a student is getting a degree from a certified Canadian University, it always acts as a mark of excellence.

The biggest reason why the education of Canada stands unique is because of its primary focus on development & research. In case you are a researcher scholar, then there will be no country much greater than Canada. If you also want to apply for a Canada study visa, you should find an abroad study consultancy near me and get information about it.

The Canadian Government offers proper support to research in technology, agriculture, medicine, telecommunication & environmental science. You can also apply for a variety of scholarships to trim down overall educational expenses.

Get Canada PR Quickly

If you are searching for a country where you can get PR in a few months, then Canada would be the ideal option for you. This country totally depends on the eligibility requirements that are met by the applicant. In addition, everything totally depends on the goals & priorities that you have set for yourself. Canada is offering several opportunities to business investors, students, entrepreneurs & skilled experts. If you are going to Canada on a student visa, then you need to complete your study, and after that, you must apply for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) & after that candidate needs to fulfill the essential requirements that will help you in getting Canada PR.

Start the application process for a Canada study visa

Studying in Canada is one of the most life-changing & beautiful experiences. Hence, if you also want to move to Canada, then you should initiate the application process as soon as possible.

Choose the right Canadian College/University

When you are applying for a Canada study visa, you should visit the official website of IRCC & download the application package. There, you can easily find out a checklist of documents, instructional guides, and forms that you need to complete & submit on the website. Make sure that you are submitting all the essential documents & forms which are on the checklist. 

These essential documents include fee receipts, passport copies, and enrollment authorization (letter of offer of enrollment) from any certified and reputed Canadian University, pictures & other important identity documents. In addition to vital documents listed on the checklist of IRCC’s, different countries will need specific documents. If you don’t have knowledge about documents and the application process, then you will have to make contact with a fully certified and trustworthy consultancy that will apply for a Canada study visa in 2022.

Pay tuition fee

If you have received the offer letter from an accredited University/College of Canada, then you must pay the tuition fees as stated in the offer letter. The candidate needs to make the payment through an international bank transfer. When the college or university receives the payment from the candidate & processes tuition payment, then the college/university will issue the receipt. Every candidate will need a payment receipt to apply for the Canada study visa.

Purchase a Guaranteed Investment of Certificate (GIC)

Every student requires to buy a Special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from any bank like as SBI Canada Bank, ICICI, Bank of Nova Scotia & CIBC Bank. The candidate needs to pay ten thousand two hundred United States dollars ($10,200) for one year of living expenses. Along with GIC, they will also deduct $200 from Bank as administration fees. Students get two thousand US dollars instantly upon arrival in Canada. Students receive the $8000 US dollars in 12 equivalent payments as monthly living expenses.

Medical Test For Canada Study Visa

Every applicant needs to undergo a medical examination by the doctor authorized by the Canadian Government. By clicking here, candidates can easily find out the list of approved hospitals. After that, they will give you a receipt of the medical test that will be needed whenever applying for a Canada student visa. They will automatically send the medical report to the visa office.

Moreover, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about a Canada student visa or any other visa then you should check the visa Dekho on a regular basis where you will get the latest information about it.

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