Vitality of COVID 19 vaccination certificate

To get a COVID 19 vaccination certificate:  One must first be vaccinated by an approved clinic You can contact your local pharmacy and schedule one

The certificate must include: – The date of vaccination – The vaccine manufacturer and vaccine lot number – The name of the person vaccinated

– The signature of the physician issuing the certificate – A statement of COVID-19 immunity establishment

The vaccine is not recommended if you: – The measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine – A previous dose of the COVID 19 vaccine

The vaccination certificate is provided by: - The clinic where you have been vaccinated - Download from the official website

It is vital to have proof of your COVID vaccine certification for travellers.

The COVID 19 vaccination certificate is also required at the time of flight booking. Carrying it during your journey is also  essential.

Most countries are accepting tourists; only if every individual carries the COVID 19 vaccination certificate as proof.

To know about these requirements of Covid-19 vaccination in detail