Fish is the primary staple food in the Maldives because the country is mainly of the sea.Another vital ingredient of Maldivian cuisine is coconut, which is used in a variety of ways in dishes including milk, oil, and shredded toppings.

Garudhiya (Fish Soup) Fish, water, and salt are typically used to prepare the fragrant fish soup known as garudhiya.It is served with rice, lime, onions, and a spicy sauce.

Maldivian Live Lobster A simple joy of life that you would not want to miss out on is eating the properly cooked Maldivian lobster.

Saagu Bondibai Condensed milk and warmed coconut milk are added as flavorings.The overall sensation is enhanced by the cardamom and rose essence.

Fried Reef Fish Served as a Tandoor masala flavoured reef fish cutlet with sides like coconut and mint chutney, reef fish is a highly well-liked dish in the Maldives.

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