Indulge in the finest cuisine Paris has to offer - from classic French dishes to modern culinary creations, the city is a food lover's paradise.

Croissants The city is known for its delicate and flaky pastries. La Maison d'Isabelle (47ter Boulevard Saint-Germain) is a fantastic choice and it recently won the prize for Best Croissant in Paris.

Escargots Paris is famous for its escargots, or snails, because the city is known for its fine cuisine and culinary traditions.A genuine Parisian institution, L'Escargot Montorgueil has been serving snails for almost 200 years.

Steak tartare A bistro staple, steak tartare is made of raw ground beef that has been seasoned with capers, onion, and black pepper. The finest spot to go if you're seeking for delicious meat is Le Severo.

Onion soup With crunchy croutons and a slice of Gruyère cheese on top, the caramelised onion and beef broth are served gratinéed.Get it from the renowned Bistrot des Vosges to experience the best.

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