Switzerland is home to many beautiful and charming cottages, many of  which are located in the country's stunning natural surroundings. These  cottages often feature traditional Swiss architecture, with sloping  roofs, wooden exteriors, and stone or brick walls. They may also have  large windows to take in the surrounding views and cozy fireplaces to  keep warm during the colder months.

Le Chalet de l'Atelier Address: Rue du Village 106, 1874 Champéry, Switzerland Price: $135 per night

Chalet Altesse Address: Obere Tuftra 10, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland Price: $437 per night

Chalet Ulysse Address: Staldenstrasse 112, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland Price: $651

Beer’s B&B Address: Davos Chigiosch 361, 7158 Waltensburg, Switzerland Price: $96

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